Goodbye, Apron!

We have been rescued! My parents offered for us to stay with them until our replacement househelp arrives. Yippee! I was glad for the period of trying to do everything on our own. It was character building for me and the Lord was certainly gracious. But honestly, while ironing Edric’s shirts last night, I was like, “I think I’ve had it. I’m officially tired.” It was fun being the woman version of Handy Mandy at home, but I’ve got to get back to my 5%. Household chores can be outsourced…especially things like ironing. Being available to my husband and kids has been my neglected 5%.

If Edric hadn’t agreed to staying at my parents, we would have kept on with our yaya-less lifestyle until mid-April when we are expecting at least one, and then another one beginning of May. But, whew. This attempt at the American lifestyle sans all the efficiencies of American living was a fun challenge while it lasted yet impossibly sustainable. If I had one kid and I wasn’t pregnant, I could do this for the long haul. Four kids and pregnant with a husband who needs crisp collared shirts ironed for a TV show on a regular basis? I was delusional to think that it could be a permanent option just because I was sick and tired of househelp politics and issues. I need yayas. I admit it. I don’t need their drama and the stress that comes with managing them. However, I’m willing to change my attitude and perspective so that I can go back to dating my husband, teaching my children, doing ministry and writing.

My hats off to all the women out there who do everything and manage to make it look so easy. You are superwomen. I am not. I am pregnant woman.

As pregnant woman, I found myself becoming a nag about cleaning this and cleaning that, picking this up and picking that up. And everytime my kids would say, “Mom, can you read us a story?” Or, “Mom, can we do our work?” I would reply with, “Sorry, I have to finish washing the dishes,” Or, “Sorry, mommy has to clean the bathrooms.” It broke my heart to have to send the kids away and tell the to go find something else to do because I wasn’t available. That’s when it dawned on me. This isn’t sustainable. The kids need me for more important things beyond scrubbed floors, cooked meals, and sparkly toilets. All of these chores are cannibalizing my time, my day, my week!

What a blessing it is to be able to exhale from all of that as I sit here, leaning comfortably on four pillows knowing that I don’t have to hold a mop or wash dishes for the next 14 days (unless I miss it and feel the urge to). When my parents invited and Edric was okay with it, I packed half a van full of clothes, food, homeschool books, and the other half with my children, and said, “Kids, we are going to grandma’s.” Of course, they were thrilled. Staying at my parents means being four houses away from their cousins.

As for me, it means a sweet vacation from the do-it-all-yourself-everyday-lifestyle. Lord willing, by the end of the month, we will have our own househelp again. In the meantime, it sure is nice to walk into a kitchen and have your own mom say, “I had lunch prepared for you.” I really enjoy being a mom but it is awesome to STILL have a mom, too!

Goodbye, apron… see you in 14 days…

Tiana wore one, too!
The almost desperate housewife, but not quite…
pregnant mom



9 thoughts on “Goodbye, Apron!

  1. You are not superwoman. You are pregnant mom. Had me laughing out loud at midnight, and Riley asking me what’s so funny. Hehe! Enjoy your two weeks! You need the rest.

  2. Hello Joy! I can commiserate. I have been without a nanny for almost three years now, and yes, I find that it can be manageable since I only have one child. But friends and family always agree with me when I say that if we do have another baby (or a few more), we’d definitely need someone to help out. I pray that you’ll be able to rest well and enjoy your pregnancy as you also embrace this much-needed and much-deserved break! 🙂 Blessings!

  3. Yeah I can relate to this post Joy. 🙂 I experienced doing all the household chores while taking care of my husband and two kids for many years. It was really character-building for me! But after long years of waiting and praying, God has blessed us with a christian helper just before I enroll to tma homeschooling ;-). God has His perfect timing, as always. I realized that house helpers are really blessings from the Lord. We just need to ask God to provide for us in His own way and time. Enjoy your pregnancy! 🙂 Prayed for you.

    1. Wow, Katz! I’m so impressed and blessed that you lasted so long! Praise God for his timely provision in all our lives. Hope your homeschooling is going well! Email me or facebook me if you have any questions 🙂

  4. I am actually tempted to ask you: how do do it, 4 kids and pregnant? When i was having my second child, I’ve been complaining a lot especially pickung up my 2-year old’s mess. Hats off toyou withor without yaya. You are an inspiration.

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