Counterflow! (Updated Details)

Don’t miss this event. Attending a parenting seminar like this immensely helped Edric and I become better parents. We learned valuable principles that we have applied as we raise our children.

Counterflow is about parenting against the tide of modern thinking which has removed God from the equation and turned towards humanistic philosophies and perspectives on how to bring up children. Man-centric child rearing is on a dark path. We are seeing a rise in a generation of young people who do not have a moral compass, who are sexually promiscuous, who struggle with gender confusion, who live in a virtual world, who are addicted to social media, who act out violent fantasies, and who are victims of broken homes.

We need to change this. We need to stand against this tidal wave and save the next generation.

The content of this seminar will focus on big picture parenting and how to teach, influence and disciple your child at every stage of their lives from baby to young adult. Even singles are welcome! Find out what kind of parent you need to be before you start a family. Hope to see you there!


14 thoughts on “Counterflow! (Updated Details)

  1. Great article, Joy!
    With your permission, may I borrow its content to be used for text of promotional letter and flyers? Thanks!

  2. Hi Joy. Do you also have parenting seminars in Cebu? I hope there is. Please post it here in your blog if there is one. Thanks ahead. God bless you and your family!

  3. Thanks for posting this, Joy.

    I invited my friends who are in their second year of marriage. They asked me to join them since they’re not from CCF so I’m glad that this is open for singles too.

  4. Got our tickets last Sunday! Exciting! Hope to finally meet you in person, Joy! You and your whole family have been a big encouragement and blessing to us. Told Carolyn last Sunday I’ve been looking forward to meet you in person 🙂 We work with Dr. Sala. We run the Philippine office of Guidelines 🙂 God bless you more!

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