Family Time in Disney and Universal

This was the first time our kids went to Disneyland and Universal Studios. They had a blast. I pushed the stroller around and waited during most of the rides since Catalina was too young to ride but I lived through my kids’ fun vicariously. My greater joy was seeing their responses and reactions. Tiana was adorable when she witnessed the parade of Disney characters. She exclaimed, “I knew I would see princesses! Are they real mommy?”

The passes were my dad’s treat. He wanted to spend time with all of us. So he got tickets for my sister’s family and Edric and I, plus all our children. My dad has this great way of bonding with his grandkids. His method is to take on the grandchildren in manageable doses. One or two families at a time on a trip or vacation with him and my mom. My parents have 15 grandchildren so it’s pretty chaotic when the kids are in complete attendance. (This will happen next week!) Furthermore, the kids gravitate towards one another when they are all present which makes it more challenging to get to know them individually.

By the end of the trip, my kids were holding on to their grandma’s and Angkong’s (grandpa’s) hands. They wanted to sit beside them during meal times. And my parents got to observe and profile their personalities better.

This was a magical time for our family. I was very thankful for the small “fortune” my parents invested to pay for all our park tickets and hotel stays, but the best part for me was being with one another. It’s such a blessing that my mom and dad care to be with our children and disciple them. They want to connect with them and build memories. Edric’s parents are the same way so we have the privilege of having an extra set of parents on both sides looking out for the spiritual, emotional, physical and social well-being of our children.








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5 thoughts on “Family Time in Disney and Universal

  1. I’m so happy to see your pictures with the whole family including your mom and dad. Just keep on building those memories for those never be forgotten by your children.
    God bless you & your family. A blessed New Year to all !!!

    1. Nice photos of the family!This are the evident blessings coming from The Lord.The Liord never withholds the good of those who love him.very inspiring to see family photos esp when grandparents are included,still able and strong.Have a wonderful 2915… Many more memorable moments with your family!

  2. Wonderful bonding moments ! Precious time as a family ! Thanks for sharing those lovely photos. God bless you more this 2015…

  3. Just today your family was mentioned in the preaching of our Pastor. It was a sermon on striking a balance between our spiritual life and the realities of this world. But because we are God’s children, we can always look forward to a victorious existence that testifies of His goodness and gives back all the glory to Him. Your family is a blessing to this modern yet darkened world. God bless you!

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