Counterflow Conference 2015: Return of the Superdad, the Rise of the Supermom and Raising Superkids

What does it take to be a Superdad or a Supermom? Discover the principles of being the Superparent God has called you to be, to parent the Superkids He has entrusted to you!

Come to Counterflow 2015 on Saturday, October 24 — the biggest parenting conference in the Philippines that brings together amazing speakers and relevant workshops for a day of “parent-schooling” at CCF, Tiendesitas.

No one goes to school to learn to be a parent. Unfortunately, many of us tackle the challenges of our role as the issues surface, and some of the issues feel tidal in nature. Alot of times we attempt to solve these challenges with worldly philosophies, what feels right, or how our parents parented us. Maybe a good number of us are humble enough to admit that we feel pretty lost at times or intimidated by the responsibility.

The reality is parenting requires supernatural wisdom and help. Whether we are a soon-to-be-parent, newbie parent, oldie parent, grandparent, single parent or want-to-be parent, Counterflow will give us the foundation for successful parenting and insights for dealing with specific concerns like special needs children, adoption, demonic influence in the home, recovery for addiction or abuse, computer gaming, and other topics.

Counterflow 2015 will emphasize the role of fathers as servant-leaders of the family. Plenary speaker, Cassie Carstens, is an international speaker, President of International Sport Leadership School and Founder of the movement The World Needs A Father which originated in Africa. He is also author of the book and trainer’s guide, The World Needs A Father. “TWNAF came into being in February 2011 and is primarily focused on helping fathers provide proper leadership to their families, to restore fathers to their God-given place as servant-leaders of their families, and on preparing boys and young men to become good fathers.”(Source:

Other plenary speakers are…

Peter & Deonna Tan-Chi – Peter is Founder and President of Christ’s Commission Foundation, Inc. (CCF) and Senior Pastor of Christ’s Commission Fellowship. He is also Chairman of Asiatic Development Corporation and Basic Housing Solutions, Inc. He and his wife, Deonna are international speakers and family life counselors. They are parents to 5 children and grandparents to 15. (In case you don’t already know this, they are my parents.)

Edric & Joy Mendoza – Edric is the lead anchor of ANC’s On the Money. He is also a Public Speaker, and President of TMA Homeschool. Joy (that’s me!) is a homeschooling mom to five kids, blogger of, speaker, and author of the book, When A Good God Allows Rape. (It’s so nice to be able to say I’m an author now! Yeah! Praise God!)

The event will be hosted by the insanely famous couple, Doug and Cheska Kramer. There will also be 20 wonderful speakers and workshops to attend as well.

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Tickets* are available at CCF Center. For more information, you can visit the official website of Counterflow:

*This is a non-profit event. None of the speakers charge for their talks or workshops. All proceeds go to ministry.




13 thoughts on “Counterflow Conference 2015: Return of the Superdad, the Rise of the Supermom and Raising Superkids

  1. Really wanted to attend this but can’t due to some circumstances. When I visited the website, the burger menu got a bug as it has disappeared on my mobile. I’m not sure if you could answer my query, Joy… Hope you don’t mind. Is it possible to buy a DVD or downloadable copy of the seminar/workshop (after the event) for those who can’t make it there physically?

  2. Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful book. It was so encouraging to hear about God’s redemptive power and our role in ‘coorperating’ with it. I also appreciate your honesty, not glossing over the pain you went through but still pointing to God’s redemptive power in the midst of it.

    1. Maybe next year?:) maybe God will provide someone to watch them. Hopefully the cost will be less next year too!

  3. I’ve been wanting to attend this since last year. Hopefully, TMA will announce it months (a year would be better) ahead of time so those of use remote families (who really need HSing support) can schedule our vacations in the Philippines and attend.

  4. Hi I was just wondering why is it CCF changing lives for eternity and not Jesus changing lives for eternity instead?Really just made me wonder.

  5. hi ms. joy, i would like to ask if there’s a DVD copy of this seminar/workshop available for sale or for download…i’m still waiting for your book to be available here in our province..just called pcbs for update & wla pa raw its not yet available…national bookstore here is still “soon to open” pa huhuhu…thank you & God bless po 🙂

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