Keep Calm And Walk On Your Bare Feet

  I grew up with a mother who wasn’t a primadonna. She didn’t need anyone to baby her or massage her emotions. Just recently, I found out she drove herself to the emergency room when she woke up at midnight with unusually high blood pressure. She didn’t think she needed to trouble my sleeping father to attend to her.

When she told me about this (a month later), a part of me thought, You should have asked dad to bring you, mom. Your health is a big deal. You are almost 70! It’s okay to ask for help.

But another part of me was like, Way to go, mom. You are something else! And even though it troubled me that her blood pressure spiked like that, I admire my mom for being the low maintenance person that she is. She tilts towards the positive spectrum when it comes to interpreting her circumstances. More importantly, she’s not a self-focused person. She doesn’t burden others with drama.

Because of her example, I have a peg in my mind when I encounter unfavorable incidences. Take yesterday for instance…I suffered a mishap on the way to a radio interview and I tried to imagine what mom would do.

As I exited my car in a hurry, I broke my shoe when I tripped on the cobblestone driveway of One Corporate Plaza. The uneven surface proved to be treacherous for my footing, and the strap popped off my right wedge in an irreparable way. I tried to keep it on, hobbling towards the glass doors as I made a spectacle of myself. It was a miserable fail. Finally, I thought, what the heck, I will just take them both off.

(I know this situation would have been familiar to my mother. She has no issues with removing her shoes when they fall apart or become uncomfortable. The other day she walked all around S&R barefoot because she said her shoes were hurting her. Good for you, mom!)

So, I unbuckled my wedges, picked them up, and traipsed into the building, right up to the lobby desk to sign myself in. Afterwards, I lined up behind people in suits to get into the elevator. I got some curious looks as people noticed my toes sticking out from under the hem of my skirt. But I had an appointment to catch so I didn’t really care. One of the suited men left the elevator I went into to take another one…maybe he thought I was crazy.

The good news is I got to my interview just in time! My barefeet did the job of running me up the two flights of stairs to the FEBC office when the elevator could go no further. So there I was, with hosts Vins Santiago and Haydee Sampang for the program, Family Matters, to talk about my book and my life story. They laughed with me as I recounted what happened.

When I messeged the women in my discipleship group, thanking them for praying for my interview, I received comments like, “Wow, you are so positive…I don’t know if I would have responded that way.”

Well, I have my chillax mother to thank for that! I praise God that she is not a panicker or a hyper-ventilator.

The difference between my mother and me, however, is I am the type to SOS my husband when I need help. She would have walked right back out the building barefoot. But I texted Edric in the middle of my interview asking him if he could have someone buy me slippers. And like the knight and shining armor he is, he sent slippers to me so I could walk out of the building with slightly more dignity!

When I think about my mom, I’m reminded of the passage in Proverbs 31:25 which reads, “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” My mom epitomises this because she is a woman who trusts in the Lord. She isn’t afraid of what people will think of her, either (which is why she readily shares the gospel, even with strangers.) And when situations are inconvenient or difficult, she elects to see the bright side, making the most of the moments God sends her way. I pray this example rubs off on me more!




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  1. Hi Joy! I remembered an incident like this happened to me too. I wore a barely used old pair of heels to church and as we were walking from the parking lot one of the heels broke. So i snapped the other heel (apparently it was already brittle too.) ala mentos commercial thinking that should do it until after the service. Halfway between balcony and 3rd floor i felt one of the soles began disintegrating. My sister suggested i tie it together using my headband. I left right after the message to avoid the rush of people going out trying to make it to Tiendesitas before the other sole follow suits. Only I didn’t make it and i had to walk barefoot from Avalon Zoo. The sales lady wasn’t so happy for me to try on her goods because of my not so clean feet. Your story reminded me to see each situations in a better light. To remind calm and positive. Thank you for that reminder, sometimes a small reminder like that do goes a long way in our lives. God bless and i do keep your parents and your family in my prayers????.

  2. Hi joy, I woke up at 4:52 am from a bad dream. And felt anxious, maybe because I will be participating as a bazarista today, and deep inside I was checking if I was able to secure my stuff last night,bec. I had to leave it to the place. So I was kind of upset and anxious, and then I saw my email and began reading your post. And as if God was speaking to me, I was crying bec. of this weakness of mine, and afterwhich felt relief, and confidence again..thank you for sharing this to me, I’ve shared this on FB so my caregroup team, could also benefit from it. Shalom!

  3. Thank you for sharing about your mom, Joy. I miss her so much! I am in such a mess lately… I know that i would be such a disappointment to her, yet i also know that she would gently rebuke me and tenderly encourage me to repent and focus on Jesus. I have told her many times, i wish i was like her…gentle, calm, quiet-spirited… I am the exact opposite. Yet she would always find something good to say about me and even my faith and personal walk with Jesus. She would always remind me be like Him…a tough act to follow, really considering my personality…and yet, she would always make it inspiring to be like her, and to keep trusting Jesus.

    You are an inspiration, too, Joy. And your courage to speak in behalf of many women who have been though tragic experiences is very encouraging.

    I am learning again that the only way to deal with life’s difficulties and injustice is to humbly submit to the Lord.

    I have not been doing that… I have failed. And i just want to make it right. Please pray for me. God bless you and your mom. I miss her so much…

  4. Thank you Joy for this. It embarrasses me to admit I’m the opposite of your mom being the hyperventilator and drama-queen wife/mom that I am. This message came at an opportune moment for rebuke and reminder. Young as my children are they might someday think “What would mom not do in this situation?” That thought jolts me and shakes me to ask our Father for forgiveness and grace to enable me to develop a more calm and positive spirit, an example which will help my own children deal with life’s blows someday (like what your mom has done for you). Thank you again for sharing and inspiring mothers like me.

    1. It’s okay! We all have areas to grow and improve in. Also me. (and my mom!) he he. And we all can become better by God’s grace!

  5. Ms.Joy,palagay ko po ang pangalan ng Host ng Family Mattesr na kasama ni Vins Santiago ay Ms.Haydee Sampang.God bless you po.

  6. Hi Joy!

    Way to go, Joy! That’s for you and for your mom. Your selfless attitudes are commendable. Keep them up.

    Now, this gets me to think if I’m going out wearing heels or dress shoes, it
    won’t hurt to have an extra pair in the car. Or have a pair of slippers, at least, in case I’ll need to do some long-distance walking. I’m sure God wants us to be practical also.

    Thanks a lot for the reminder. I truly love reading your posts, Joy. You’re a blessing. Continue to bless us all.


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