Stinky Clothes No More

  My husband, Edric, has very sensitive olfactories. He can smell cockroaches and a host of things that normal people can’t.

On the one hand this ability can be a hero-like power. But sometimes this also means that he can’t deal with odors that are too fragrant. For example, he prefers that I don’t wear perfume.

One thing he especially abhors is the scent of clothing that stinks like it wasn’t dried properly. This drives him crazy. He will sniff around like a dog, making comments like, “Do you smell that? Something stinks. Oh man, it’s my jeans. I knew it! Can you please do something about this.” 

One time, I decided to boil the items that kept smelling badly, you know, to kill the bacteria from his sweat. Well, it was only a short-term fix and didn’t work in the long run.

I tried different kinds of detergents, too, until I discovered the products of Perwoll. At the time, my mom-in-law was using them for my father-in-law. (According to Edric, papa is also sensitive to odors.) 

Amazingly, some months later, our family was asked to do a commercial for Vernel, the fabric softener under the Perwoll brand! The ad agency interviewed us about our laundry experiences and was particularly amused by the boiling story. So they built the story board around the concept of “boiling clothes” to give an authentic portrayal of how the product works and has worked for our family. 

Watch the commercial here: Vernel Fabric Softener Presents the Mendoza Family

We have been using Vernel for a while now and Edric recently remarked, “My clothes are so soft and they smell great, babe!” Of course I beamed! Yeah! Whenever Edric praises me for managing the home well, it matters a lot. And being able to solve a problem like funky smelling clothes was a big deal for our household.   Thankfully, Vernel has been an effective solution to the bacteria that gets trapped in Edric’s sweaty clothes, towels, etc. I learned that most detergents and softeners with overpowering scents are usually the harshest on clothing and the skin. Apparently clothes start to fade when chemicals pull the threads apart in order to clean them. Imagine what their residue does to the skin! With Vernel (and other Perwoll products), color is preserved and bacteria is killed without ruining fabrics. Plus, it’s less toxic for our family. But the best bonus of all is that Edric’s hyper-sensitive nose is happy and that makes me happy! 


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