Candid Moments of My Youngest

Catalina, my three year old, is one of those kids who is candid and honest. She is also strong and fearless in many ways. She certainly isn’t afraid to speak her mind which can be a problem at times. My husband, Edric, and I are teaching her to be obedient and respectful, the latter being high on the list of character traits she needs to learn. 

During our trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi she said so many amusing things I just had to write them all down so I don’t forget them! 

Here are some of her unfiltered statements…

1. “I am going to tell your husband!” (She said this to Tiana when they were having a discussion in the car.) 

2. “I don’t want to play with that boy, he is ugly.” (About a curly haired boy in the playground who was actually very cute.) 

3. “Hey! That’s my seat!” (To an elderly woman who sat beside her on a two-seater wooden swing. We had to correct this, of course, and ask Catalina to apologize.) 

4. “My prume is hurting.” (What’s a prume? She points to her thumb. Sometimes she invents words…) 

5. “Don’t worry! Don’t be scared! I am here, Tiana!” (When Tiana seemed nervous about riding on on amusement park rides that Catalina was too small to ride on. She would shout this from the sidelines.)

6. “I will take care of you, Tiana.” (When Tiana didn’t want to go into the IKEA playplace without her brothers. And Catalina put her arm around her as she said this to assure her that she would be with her.)

7. “You! Stop crying! Stop it!” (She opens the door of the hotel room to shout at a child who was crying in another room. Good thing the hallway was empty and the door of that child’s room was closed so his or her parents didn’t see her!)

8. “Why is your stomach so big?” (To a kid standing behind her in line for face painting, accompanied by a poke to the kid’s belly.) 

9. “Please, stop it. Stop talking. You are so boring.” (To an announcement being made over the PA system of the plane.) 

10. “Okay, everyone, do freestyle!” (This was her own rendition of a wacky pose. I don’t know where she got it but she raised three fingers as she posed for the camera.)

11. “Siri, what is Elijah’s password?” (When she couldn’t turn on his IPad.) 

12. “Praise God! It’s not hard!” (About her poop, while pooping on a public toilet.)

I just love, love, love this stage of her life! Her size, her mind, her expressiveness. But she definitely needs training in character still, so Edric and I are working on this even as we appreciate her personality…

16 thoughts on “Candid Moments of My Youngest

  1. I had a long day and reading each made me laugh! Oh my your daughter is so full of character! Love her! Hahaha!

  2. Why is it seems that catalina is your fave daughter? I hope tiana isn’t jealous. Youngest always gets the best of everything. How I wish i was the youngest in the family.

    1. Probably a spoiled brat that’s why she acts like that. Considering she’s the youngest of the family. Don’t play favoritism joy and edric. That’s terrible for the other kids. I know it’s hard to resist especially youngest are the sweetest ones but be careful still. No hate just sharing our opinion. Happy parenting

      1. Oh wow does it seem like she’s my favorite? Where did I say that? Anyway, they are all my favorites! And all my kids can act spoiled which is why they ALL need training and for different areas of their lives…

  3. Hi Ms Joy! Your youngest daughter is so adorable and indeed even with the cuteness factor they still need correction as Proverbs says folly is bound in the heart of a child. Reminds me that man is depraved the inability of a person to do good and desire good, they function in a default mode. Praise God for the godly parenting you had with your children. I frequently read your blog and thank God for the wisdom God bestows to you and your husband on raising your children accdg to Gods mandate.
    I suffer the same with my youngest daughter who is a strong willed child at age 2.
    May your blog continue to be a channel of blessing to others! 😊

  4. She is absolutely adores. My 3-year old always says to His younger brother “Baby Marius, bili tayo ng asawa”. Err, I’m to be blamed, when they’re both acting cute, I’d often say “bawal kayo mag asawa”. God bless us all.

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