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One of my to-do list for 2017 was to come up with a meal plan for our family that was a combination of healthy and delicious. Edric and I wanted to expose our kids to different cuisines and cultures, and we also wanted to be able to inculcate eating habits that are good for them. Although I couldn’t organize an entirely gluten-free, carb-free, low fat diet (I love fat like real butter!), I attempted to put together a mix of food that included lots of fruit, vegetables, protein, and good carbs. I’ve got growing kids and it wouldn’t be fair to feed them things that tasted like paper! (I personally can’t eat everything on this menu because of certain restrictions I need to follow for health reasons, but Edric and the kids don’t need to be constrained by my issues.) 

So here’s our MENU 2017. It’s actually a two-week menu that can be repeated accordingly: 1st and 3rd week, then 2nd and 4th week. The portions are for a seven-person family with household helps to consider so don’t be alarmed at the number of eggs I have to buy! Please don’t fault me if some items are missing on Grocery List Week 1&3 and Grocery LIst Week 2&4. (These are PDF files so you may have to click the links again if they bring you to a separate page.) 

Truthfully, this menu can be pricey at the grocery. However, this is the one expenditure in our home that Edric and I invest in – good, healthy, and as natural-as-possible food for the family. 

A lot of the recipes can be done by my home cook or me, but some of the meals required referencing an online source. So, I’ve included those links as well under Menu 2017.

Happy eating and home managing!!!


3 thoughts on “Menu 2017

  1. Ahhh! You should download my “The Complete Home Manual ” Joy. You can get it free from It has everything from cleaning schedules to menu planners and it is made for helpers too. Will you be home early July? Maybe we can stay there and catch up!!

  2. Thanks for sharing joy! 🙂 Might borrow some of those in your list. Finding hard sometimes thinking what to prepare for the family.

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