Summer Ideas from S&R

The heat is on! It’s time to think through our summer plans with the kids. I am sure going to the beach will be on everyone’s agenda. 

Here’s what I found at S&R today…

Miracle bathing suits for tummy control (moms know what I mean). These suits cinch the waist and give you curves like you want to have (P1,999 from P2,499): 

Board shorts for boys (P249): 

A lot of inflatables!

Goggles of all kinds (I got the 3-pack Speedo ones for the girls):

I love this one. Such a good idea to keep all the beach toys in one container which kids can also use to sift the sand: 

How about organizing a water balloon fight in your backyard? These balloons are so easy to fill!:

Beach towels are on sale! (P399.95 from P649.95):

For the long rides to your vacation destinations. (I got one for the price of two):

Here’s a good idea for summer…an ice cream maker:

Stackable colemans for outdoor get togethers and barbecues:

My usual favorites. The bulk produce and meat: 

Cetaphil at good prices: 

Pinenuts on sale for your summer salads:

Gluten-free flour on sale!:

The best part of S&R shopping today was that it became a family affair. Even Edric came even if he hates grocery shopping just to be with us:


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