Don’t Homeschool in a Messy Room

One of my frustrations is seeing our homeschool room in a state of disarray, often due to the kids not returning things to where they ought to be returned to. It drives me nuts when there are random pieces of paper, art supplies and toys on the floor, when books sit neglectfully on desks, shelves are stuffed with items and objects that don’t belong on them, and drawers and cabinets are left open.

Because I haven’t been able to supervise the kids as closely as I usually do, chaos kind of took over in that room. The month that I was recovering from the birth of my sixth baby and sick due to my cyst, and then the weeks that followed after the surgery where I was pretty much in bed all day, made me an absentee homeschool mom.

The kids are normally obedient when it comes to cleaning up. They pretty much follow this rule. However, they slacked off a little while I was indisposed.

Therefore, I announced today that no homeschooling, in the sense of book-based lessons, would happen. This would be a day dedicated to sorting, organizing, de-cluttering, and fixing up our study room.

I find it impossible to work sanely in an environment that is messy. It just feels wrong. And I don’t want to pass up on the opportunity to ingrain in my kids the value of orderliness and stewardship.

By the end of the day, I expect that room to be impeccably tidied up. Thankfully, the kids are cooperating. It even sounds like they are having fun while I sit on my rocking chair breastfeeding Caylee.

Mess = stress. When the study room is messy, we can’t find things, and there’s no space to work. It’s also difficult to focus. Therefore the best learning activity my kids can participate in today is to clean up that room. This is an interruption in their schedule, but it’s always more important to prioritize character training.

Edan just came in to see me with a big smile to ask, “Mom, can you come into the room when it’s all fixed up? We want to surprise you.”

Well, I appreciated the gesture, but I told him I would join them.

I need to know what’s happening! It’s my lack of supervision that’s contributed to the mess, so I am going to put Caylee down and help them do this well. That room is the most challenging to organize in our house! It has to be “all hands on deck” today!

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