When Boys Go Biking with their Dads

Edric took Elijah, our eldest son, for a bike ride around the city. And it was magic for building his manhood.

As for me, I am glad I wasn’t there because it would have freaked me out to know that cars were passing closely beside my son or trying to dodge him while he biked on the main thoroughfare near our place.

It was Edric’s idea to include Elijah and it was his invitation for dad and son bonding time that mattered so much. So off they went on their merry way — father and son.

Well, they had a blast. Elijah came into the study room to see me when he got home. He was drenched in sweat but smiling from ear to ear. After catching his breath, he told me about their biking adventure. He was obviously excited and happy as he narrated his experience.

He also told me a funny story about a bird that chased Edric. I half-believed him at that point and thought that maybe he was exaggerating until Edric told me the same thing.

Apparently, Edric was going up a grassy hill when a bird swooped down and started chirping wildly. Then it followed him and flew close to his head as if it was going to attack him. It was so bizarre and Edric had to evade it. In fact, he nearly got thrown off his bike because he was trying to get away from that crazy bird.

As for Elijah, his most memorable part was going through the off-road areas that were overgrown and unpredictable. Edric saved a tidbit of their conversation to pass on to me, thinking that I might possibly want to write about it. And here I am doing just that.

It was not easy for Elijah to navigate through all the difficult parts on his bike but Edric kept encouraging him and not allowing him to give in to his fear or emotions. So Elijah pushed on, peddling hard and trying his best. At one point, however, Elijah could not make his way past the tall grassy areas so Edric instructed him to follow right behind him. And he did.

Then he said something that I feel is emblematic of a father and son relationship. As Edric conquered the terrain, Elijah was able to move through the same way with greater ease. He even said, “Dad it’s amazing! Your bike is able to create a path for me so it is easy for me to follow.”

I just thought this statement gave good insight into the necessity or a husband and father to take the lead. Sons need to have a clear path to follow. Fathers help to carve out that path for them. But they make the most impact when they are in front, leading the way…by example.

I am sure an occasion like this made a big deposit in Elijah’s heart. May he have many more of these magical father and son bonding moments with Edric!

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