Time to Pursue Interests

Homeschooling gives the kids plenty of time to pursue their interests. Edan, my second son, enjoys art. So he often asks if we can do art together. Elijah also likes painting so he joins in, too. Today, we didn’t do any book work. We just did painting and some projects for social studies. Titus and Tiana had their own easel where they made a big mess with paint. I am pretty laid back so mess looks like fun to me (as long as it is cleaned up afterwards).

Well, art is messy but it has many benefits. It teaches my kids to pay attention to detail. They learn proportion, balance, depth of field, perspective. Their fine motor and problem solving skills are developed as well. And one of the more important benefits is character growth. Persevering until the end, humility when corrected and while learning, appreciating the talents of others, and challenging oneself to keep improving are all part of the art experience.

I also like how art allows my kids to slow down and relax. It is amazing how painting for extended periods of time makes them calm down. Children need that. They don’t need to be harried everyday, stressing out over academics. When Edric and I were traveling in Europe, we noticed how celebrated the arts are — performing and visual arts. In Asia, hardly anyone wants their children to grow up to be artists. We tend to perceive it as a sure-fire route to starvation and poverty. So we encourage them to pursue business or finance. But what a beautiful world has come from the great artists of the past. And I would like my children to be able to appreciate this world, too. So we make room for painting, drawing, creating, building, inventing, and free play in our day as much as possible. I have noticed that when my kids are given plenty of time to pursue their interests, they are more motivated to study and learn.





3 thoughts on “Time to Pursue Interests

  1. Wow those are great artworks 🙂 Makes me inspired to do a painting session with my 2yr old son hehe. God bless you and your family always 🙂


  2. Hello Joy! I’ll be a homeschooling mother by next year and I’m also a newbie blogger. I have been through your blog and thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. I appreciate your honesty and transparency, and your vibrant faith and love for God. You’ve given me a picture of what a marriage, a home and a family should be like. You are so blessed to have been raised in a loving, Christ-centered home, and you are continuing the legacy that your parents have passed on to you. I do not have that, but by God’s abundant grace and love for me, He has given me a godly husband and two children with whom I can create a legacy that starts with me. I’m trying to follow your blog, but it seems that I can’t? I get an error message that says: An RSS or Atom feed could not be found for that blog. Like I said, I’m new to blogging. I’m just learning as I go along. Hope that you could also visit my site. Thank you for inspiring me to homeschool.

    1. Hi Dyan! Thanks for all your encouragement. I don’t know why the RSS feed can’t be found. Honestly, I’m not a techy person so I’m the last person who would know. 🙁 Will try to fix it as best as I can…

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