Mystery of History Volume 1 (Quarter 2)

Here is the next set of resources to help you as you teach through Mystery of History Volume 1 (Quarter 2). Hope these links make your homeschooling a little easier!


Lesson 28: Samson (1117 b.c.)

The Strongest Man

Lesson 29: Zhou Dynasty (Chou) (c. 1046–c. 256 b.c.)

The Zhou Dynasty for Kids

Stories of Ancient China

Lesson 30: Samuel (1095 b.c.)

Using Oil to Paint a Crown Craft

Lesson 31: King Saul (1095b.c.)

Lesson 32: DAVID (1055b.c.)*

Homemade Slingshot
Saul Chasing David


Skit – David the Giant Killer

Lesson 33: Solomon (1015 b.c.)

Lesson 34: The Phoenicians (c.1000b.c.)

The Phoenician World

Download a Phoenician Font

About the Phoenician Alphabet (for older kids)

Getting to Know the Phoenician Alphabet


The Divided Kingdom

Review the 12 Tribes

Lesson 36: Elijah,the Fiery Prophet (896b.c.)

Printable Booklet

Bible Trivia Quiz – Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

Activity Sheets

Chariot Craft

Elijah’s Altar

Lesson 37: Elisha (Israel’sProphet) (895b.c.)

Naaman the Leper Craft

Slideshow on Naaman and Elisha

Lesson 38: Joel and Obadiah (Exact Date Unknown, 587b.c.)

Lesson 39: Homer (c.800b.c.)

The Voyage of Odysseus Story

Lesson 40:India and Hinduism (Date Unknown)


Information on Hinduism

Lesson 41: The Olympic Games (776 b.c.)

Lesson 42: Jonah and Amos (c.760b.c.,808b.c.)

Jonah Craft

Origami Whale

Lesson 43: The City of Rome (748b.c.)

City of Rome

More Information on Ancient Rome

Lesson 44: Isaiah and Micah(Judah’s Prophets) (740b.c.,735b.c.)

Prophets to Israel and Judah
Guide to the Prophets

Make a Clay Pot

Lesson 45: Israel Falls to Assyria (721b.c.)

Destruction of Israel Timeline

More on the Assyrians (for older kids)

Lesson 46: Hosea (Israel’sProphet) (c.721b.c.)


Lesson 47: Hezekiah and Sennacherib (710b.c.)

Angel card craft (Include passage of 2 Kings 19:32-35 in card)

Lesson 48: Ancient Native Americans (c.700b.c.)










Lesson 49: The Rise of Athens and Sparta (c.700–500b.c.)

What’s in A Pot?

Education in Ancient Greece

Differences Between Athenians and Spartans

Lesson 50: Manasseh (677b.c.)

List of Kings (Israel and Judah)

Lesson 51: The Powers of Mesopotamia (668–626b.c.)

Video on Ancient Mesopotamia

Timeline of Ancient Mesopotamia

Assyrians and Chaldeans

Lesson 52: King Josiah (630b.c.) 

Print out scroll below and write out the first part of the 10 commandments on it: Exodus 20:1-4

















Lesson 53: Nahum and Zephaniah (c.630b.c.,629b.c.)

The Minor Prophets of the OT

Lesson 54: Jeremiah(Judah’sProphet) (629b.c.)

The Major Prophets Printable

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  1. Ms. Joy,

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