Sweet Randomness Part 1

TIANA (3 years old):

Someday in heaven there will be lots of animals. I will ask God, “God, can I have a cat?”

“Sure,” God will say.

“God, can I have a dog?”

God will say, “Okay, good job. Yes.”

“I want to go to God’s house. I want to stay there. He has a new crib for Catalina. He has drawings for me and markers.”

“Where is God’s house?” I ask. (She points up)

“What does it look like?”

“Grandmas house!”


During our homeschooling yesterday…

I pull out the same material that we used two weeks ago when I tried to teach her numbers and then got frustrated with her when she didn’t get it.

She looks at it very concerned and says, “You won’t do what you did last time, right?” referring to the way I chucked the book on to the bed.

“Yes, I won’t. Mommy was very wrong when I did that!” (We had fun this time around. God reminded me to enjoy the time with her and to be positive.)



TITUS (5 years old):

He had the cap of a marker in his mouth. It was a big one and I was concerned that he might swallow it. So I told him, “Titus you need to remove that from your mouth. Remember what happened when you swallowed a marble? But this one is different, it is bigger. If you swallow that one you might choke and die.”

He looked up at me thoughtfully and replied, “Yeah but if I die I just go to heaven right?”

(He got me.)

When his tooth came out…

“How did it come out?” I ask.

“I was just playing with my shirt and putting it on my tooth and boom, it just came out!”

“Did it hurt?”


He was poking the hole where it came out of with a cotton bud. (I guess he has a high tolerance for pain.) Edan also assisted him by putting a cotton ball on it.


EDAN (7 years old):

He is walking around the room folding his hands and curling his toes under his foot so that he sort of hobbles forward.

“What are you doing?” Edric asks.

“Whatever I do to one side of my body I have to do to the other.”

He looked so bizarre. He kept this up for a couple of days until Edric told him he had to stop. Edan gets a little obsessive compulsive sometimes.

About his achievement test…

“How was it?” I ask.

“It was so easy!”

“That’s good to hear!”

“Yah, I only didn’t know…” He enumerates several questions he didn’t answer. Easy, eh?! I love a homeschoolers self-confidence!

EDAN and ELIJAH (10 years old):

Edan proudly says, “I killed a fly today, mom.”

“Wow. That’s great!”

He proceeds to explain in detail how it got caught in the fly swatter, just at the tip, before it could escape.

“I killed ten flies today”, toots Elijah.

I give him the eye for trying to one-up his brother.

“Yah, I can only kill one.” Edan responds, almost embarrassed.

Elijah realizes his timing was wrong and says,”Oh, but when I was your age I couldn’t even kill one fly!”

I love these kids!!!


20 thoughts on “Sweet Randomness Part 1

  1. hello ate JOy ! 🙂
    I’m a 4th year high school student and a member of CCF main. I would like you to know that i’m writing a thesis and my topic is about you on how and what kind of home school approach you are doing for your kids. I hope you are going to take time to read this. I’m hoping to interview you if it is ok or just share po some of your blog entries that the sublect is homeschooling your children. In my thesis paper I’m not only doing this for my self but I would like to lift God for my teachers and classmates to know the difference of homeschool and regular school. 🙂 thankyou very much ate JOY! 🙂 God bless

    1. Ok I think the best way to do this would be to email me the questions:) it’s easier for me to answer them that way because I can write it out. It’s also hard for me to make appointments outside of the home right now 🙂 you can send questions to joytanchimendoza@gmail.com

  2. hahahaha! luvluv it! dami kong tawa! which reminds me, i will collate my 4yr old’s quotable quotes too! ^_^ ,your kids are amazing Joy, Praise God for them!

  3. Adorable stories. They are so cute. I really love this one though –> Elijah realizes his timing was wrong and says,”Oh, but when I was your age I couldn’t even kill one fly!”

  4. Hi Ms Joy, I just found out your website are so amazing and a blessing to many, like me. I’m a single mom with one son. There are lot of ideas and ways I can do with my son too, though I only see him on weekends 🙁 since am a working mom and my parents look after my son. I want to be a good parent to him and I admit weekends are not enough, that’s my struggle.:(
    thanks again and God bless you and your family:)

    1. Hi there. Just make the most of every opportunity that you are with him. 🙂 read bible stories together and discuss the stories. My kids learn alot when we do this and it gives the opportunity to ask questions also so I get to know them better 🙂

  5. You and your family are a blessing! 🙂 I hope I could have a family like yours someday. Thank you for sharing your inspiring stories! <3

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