Brattiness Is Not Allowed

My daughter, Tiana, likes to have her hair braided. She calls it “curly hair” because after the braids are removed, her hair looks curly. Her “ate” or yaya helps fix her hair. But her ate didn’t braid her hair this morning because we were in a hurry to leave our hotel to get to the underwater river tour in Puerto Princesa.

Tiana whined about it while sitting on the bed. “I want curly,” she insisted with a bratty tone. Of course I didn’t let her get away with this sort of attitude. When we were in the car, I told her to apologize to her yaya and ask for forgiveness. I also told her to hug her.

I am very sensitive to the way my kids talk to and treat our househelp. For the most part they are kind to them, especially my older kids. They know how much we value the hard work of the girls that are in our home. But sometimes Tiana can be demanding even if she is a sweetie. Whenever she treats them disrespectfully, I don’t allow it. It isn’t right. I want her to hold those who serve us in high regard. Furthermore, I want to avoid raising a daughter with an entitlement mentality…someone who expects royal treatment. Noooo way!

Tiana went up to her yaya like I asked her to and asked for forgiveness. “I am sorry, ate,” she said. She also gave her a big, sincere hug. Her yaya is super sweet and hugged her back.

As much as I love my kids, I will not defend their bad behavior. When they do something inappropriate to a person, no matter who it is, I have to deal with it. It’s my job to train them to respect all kinds of people. Of course I have to model it, too.

Tiana didn’t get to have her curly hair today but she did just fine without it, especially when she knew that brattiness is not allowed!

Having girls is a joy but I always have to remember that raising two princesses isn’t about letting them have a princess-mentality!


3 thoughts on “Brattiness Is Not Allowed

  1. Hi Joy, i backread your old post.As of this juncture, i am now on your Feb 2013 entries. I thank God for using you to bless others. I am praying that God may continually use you you and your family to know Christ through your personal experiences and ministry. 😉 God bless!!

  2. Same here, my boys were growing up with us having household help and I always make it a point to them that they treat our helpers with much respect. I thank God always for the wisdom and His guidance in raising 2 young boys.

    I super love your blog, it brings so much inspiration and life’s lessons. Thank you for your effort in blessing everyone. Blessed to be a blessing. 🙂

  3. Thanks Joy for sharing this!

    I suddenly remembered when my 6-year old nephew didn’t want to kiss my friend on the cheeks kahit anong pilit ko he doesn’t really want to do it. When my friend left, I asked him why, he said “ang dami niya kasing pimples”. I was shocked at his statement because he is normally sweet, friendly and approachable. Then I asked him what if my friend will not talk to him because he is toothless, how would you feel, do you like that? and his answer was “NO” and that’s when I corrected him and told him that God doesn’t want us to choose people because they are pretty or you can get something from them. Be kind to anyone – with pimples or without pimples. The next time he saw my friend he not only kiss her on the cheek but he also gave her a big hug!

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