Free Tickets to The Amazing Bubbleman!

The kids and I watched the Bubbleman Show with their cousins and other relatives yesterday and they loved it! Catalina was entertained the entire time!  

As a gift to my readers, I am giving away two tickets (worth 2k+ each) to the Amazing Bubbleman show this Saturday, 11 AM, to the first person to write a comment to the question: What is your favorite bubble memory?

Go, go, go!  

8 thoughts on “Free Tickets to The Amazing Bubbleman!

  1. Hi Joy! I am fond of bubbles too and so are my kiddos! My favorite memory is when I was 9yo and we had this vacation in my grandmother’s house in Atimonan, Quezon. Her house is near the river and if you will follow the trail, you will end up seeing the Pacific Ocean already. Every day, my grandma will wash our clothes in the river . My cousins and I will follow her after we eat our breakfast. In the river, most of the time women washes and rinses clothes following the current of the water. My grandma will put a lot of coconut leaves forming a little shade where she will wash our clothes while we are playing her bubbles by racing it with paper boats. The worst thing or for us (grandchildren), the exciting thing to do is to steal our grandma’s laundry soap and make a bubble race (so many bubbles that floats) then everybody will be shouting again! I can still imagine my grandma’s face and how she gets mad at us till now… my grandma passed away this year, last July.

  2. Hi joy,

    My favorite bubble memory is with my 2 daughters. When i had to make bubbles out of dish washing soap. The patience my kids had while waiting for me to perfect the “bubble juice” and in the end seeing their eyes lit up because the DIY bubble juice is a success. In a world we live in were gadgets and TV mostly take my kids time, a little bubble fun makes their childhood a happier one!

    1. That’s so true, Dream! Bubbles bring us back to the stuff of the simple days of our own childhood! No gadgets, just outdoor fun!

  3. Hi Joy! My son was born preemie at 29 weeks. During his first year, we battled with health issues and Laz didn’t seem to respond to most things and even with bubbles he didn’t react to them. Finally, just before he turned 1, I decided to take a leave from work just so I could oversee his development. I took him to classes in Kindermusik and Gymboree. Finally just before he turned 1 and during the bubble routine in his Gymboree class, his eyes seemingly finally opened and for the first time reached out to the bubbles – and with gleefulness at that! It was amazing to see and he got hooked on bubbles ever since 🙂

  4. Hi Joy! My favorite bubble memory was when I was like 6 or 7 year old. In our compound, there were “Ates” washing the clothes. Me and my friends would ask to help out but eventuallly, we would play with the bubbles. We also love making bubbles. We used dishwashing soap, water, and they said, we should add gumamela. Oh.. This brought back memories.

  5. When i was, i think 4-5 years old, I was always having nightmares which makes me wake up crying… And I still vividly remembers that it’s about bubbles…. I don’t know why I was so afraid of bubbles in my dreams… I continued having it, I think until I was in grade school…. So in order for me to overcome my fear of bubbles in my dreams, before going to sleep (of course I would pray) I would tell myself that if I would dream about bubbles again I would remember that this is just a dream… So it worked and eventually I overcame my fear…. Not my favorite happy memories but a memorable one for me because it thought me courage…. God bless

  6. My best bubble memory happened during our summer vacations in the Philippines. We would take some of our laundry soap (to the chagrin of our yayas), crush some gumamela flowers (to the chagrin of our neighbor who owned the gumamela bushes 🙂 , and make our DIY bubble solution. Then we would take one ting-ting from our…well…walis tingting, and form them into bubble wands. We would play bubbles for hours and hours on end. I’ve been living in the States for almost 30 years yet remember those bubble memories so vividly 🙂

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