For All the Sensible Germaphobes

There’s an amazing technology available for homes that can zap dangerous micro organisms to sanitize your home. It’s all about harnessing the power of UV-C rays. Bacteria and viruses have immunity towards UV-A and UV-B rays that come from the sun, but not UV-C rays. When UV-C rays come in contact with bacteria and viruses they alter their DNA structure and cause them to die swiftly. 

I wouldn’t have believed it. But a part of our home was swabbed to show how many micro organisms had accumulated to levels that are shockingly scary. I thought my house was pretty clean but after the swab test I discovered it may look clean to the naked eye but invisible organisms can be growing at alarming rates. Clean is not the same as sterilized.


Thankfully, there is a fix that is wonderfully effective. Okay, it isn’t cheap (the hospital grade size machine is 80K), but I know people who have paid more for one of those water based cleaning contraptions that are ridiculously expensive. And they don’t kill bacteria or viruses as effectively. Neither do they zap dust mites the way this UV machine can. 

After exposing the swabbed area to thirty minutes of UV light, the micro organisms count dropped down to safe levels. And all my kids had to do was switch on the light and exit the room, closing the door behind them when the device did its magic.

But it’s not magic at all. It is science. I can’t explain all the technical details of this machine but I am posting their FAQs below. (By the way, I wasn’t paid to write about this. I offered to do so after I saw how it worked.)

The kids were fascinated with the technology so the demo of the product became a science lesson.





Maybe you are one of those parents who is utterly frustrated and discouraged because your kids keep getting sick. This may be worth the investment for you. I am trying to convince Edric to get one! My youngest daughter, Catalina, and third son, Titus, are susceptible to respiratory infections so this will help them a lot.

My sister, Candy, was like, “Hey maybe we can buy one as a clan and just pass it around!” (That’s the Chinese mentality in us!) 

 A smaller version of this machine will be available in the near future. In the meantime, this one is hospital grade and just the right size of you have big rooms in your house. Other products include a hand held wand for disinfecting gadgets, and a toothbrush sterilizer. 

The recommended use for the room sterilizer is once a week. This will significantly minimize the amount of pathogens and unwanted germs that your household is exposed to. And no harmful cleaning chemicals needed! Eventually, you can switch to once a month.

As a precautionary note, the machine should be turned on in a room with no one inside. Otherwise it can cause reddening of the skin, like a sunburn. But the device has a safety feature that turns off when the motion sensor detects movement. Furthermore, the light doesn’t go through glass or walls. There’s also a timer that activates so you have time to exit a room before it turns on.

UV-Care Room Sanitizer is a product of Intech Group Innovations Corp. Contact info: 0977-822-8556 / email:

Facts about UV-Care Room Sanitizer:


It penetrates the membranes of viruses, bacteria, mold, and dust mites—attacking their DNA—terminating them and their ability to spread. The UV-Care Room Sanitizer emits a blue spectrum of light to help you see the surface area you are cleaning.


Hospitals, food processing facilities, water treatment and HVAC systems use UV-C light to eliminate biological contaminants and germs. Research has been conducted by universities and published in journals. They also have real-life applications used in public health uses in urban areas in the United States and Canada. It is also currently used in medicine and dentistry for sterilising medical tools. 


Bedding and couches will smell and feel fresh with consistent use of the UV-Care Room Sanitizer. Musty smells and pet odors can be virtually eliminated. 


Sanitizing with UV-Care Room Sanitizer means you don’t need harsh chemicals that pollute our water and add unnecessary product packaging to our landfills. Reduced production of household cleansers means fewer chemicals in our environment and reduced fuel expenditures for transporting them to the marketplace.

Q: How often should I use UV-Care Room Sanitizer?

A: The effects of cleaning with UV-Care Room Sanitizer are cumulative, so more frequent use will result in greater sanitization of a surface. Once a comfortable level of clean has been established, pollutants can usually be controlled with a weekly sanitizing regimen to maintain the effect. Some surfaces, like those in kitchens and bathrooms, should be treated when they come in contact with contaminants. A cleaning regimen of other surfaces such as beds and couches can be done weekly, or even more frequently if required.

Q: How long should I treat an area?

A: Different bacteria require different exposure. For example: a 24” x 36” countertop requires three minutes of exposure to eliminate Salmonella or two minutes for Staphylococcus.

Q: How do I know if its working?

A: Most contaminants are microscopic, so just like using a chemical cleanser, you can’t directly see the effects. However, in many cases people report being able to feel the effects and you may notice that biological and/or organic odors are eliminated as well. Laboratory test also proves that UV-Care Room Sanitizer works.

Q: Can I use the UV-Care Room Sanitizer on myself, family members or pets?

A: No. The UV-Care Room Sanitizer is for use on inanimate surfaces only and is not safe for use on your skin, and should not be exposed to your eyes.

Important to note: UV-Care Room Sanitizer is used to remove biological contaminants from surfaces. It is not a treatment for people or animals. 

Q: Is UV-Care Room Sanitizer dangerous to people?

A: Very close and prolonged exposure can damage skin and eyes. Use caution to ensure that direct exposure is brief and distant from the light source.

Q: Why should I trust this appliance?

A: UV-Care Room Sanitizer ensures the quality components of its products and receive the highest quality products in the industry, backed by the best warranty and unsurpassed customer service. The product is laboratory tested by 3rd party laboratories.  


2 thoughts on “For All the Sensible Germaphobes

  1. I hope someone can verify that this actually works. And that it’s being used in hospitals if indeed it sterilizes the air and sanitizes the room. Even though this wasn’t a paid ad, people will surely contact the supplier whether it works or not. Dust, microfibers and dustmites needs to be vacuumed. The same claims have been made about the rainbow for being certified as an air cleaner abroad. I hope this can be verified before being posted, germophobic moms like me might be encouraged to buy because we trust you.

    1. Dear Mom, thank you for your comment. We perfectly understand your concern and as a loving parent we all should. With regards to your concern on our product we would like to let you know that our product was tested from one of the well known hospital in the Philippines and from an independent International laboratory. We gladly would like to share with you the results. Should you want more information on UV-Care we are happy to meet and discuss with you. UV-C germicidal treatment is being applied in various uses and there are a lot information online would you wish to know more about it. You can reach me at 09175379636 or email me at Thank you and God bless.

      Carolyn Chuaying-Tanchen
      Marketing Manager
      Intech Group Innovations Corp.

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