Highlights of Our Peru Adventure

This was my first time to visit Peru with Edric. We stayed in Cusco and took the Hidden Valley Tour, and the Machu Picchu Tour. Peru is beautiful, probably one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen. I can’t describe it the way the pictures below will. I couldn’t bear to archive these without sharing them.
I really believe it’s necessary for a husband and wife to escape once in a while. It doesn’t have to be to a place like South America. The trip is crazy long from the Philippines (almost 30 hours if you go through the US.) It can be a local trip or somewhere in South East Asia. The point is to find the time to be with one another without the kids so you can build on the romance. 

As a parent of five it’s challenging to enjoy extended couple time. Plus, Edric is on vacation mode when we are away so he is more relaxed and more eager to talk (and listen). For as long as we can leave our kids with my parents, his parents or willing siblings of ours, we know the kids will be just fine. In fact, they mature and grow while we are gone. They also appreciate us more! 

5 thoughts on “Highlights of Our Peru Adventure

  1. Your trip was simply beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing with your leaders. Oh i forgot to tell you but my beloved husband, Pastor Ricky passed away April 12. He was 56 years old and has faithfully serve the Lord and the Body of Christ for 31 years. He died of acute pneumonia and stayed at the ICU for six days. There is an indescribable feeling with me. His urn is right here in our sala since after the two days wake of KBCF and GCF. Everything just went so fast. I hold on to the promise that God will take of widows. We have two sons, ages 22 and 24. God is giving us tremendous peace and amazing grace. No regrets that we lived and are living for Christ. I retired early from Back to the Bible (where your dad was a former Board Member) last year after 26 years of service! We will continue to our ministry. What a joy to serve a faithful God ! God bless you always , Joy. You are a blessing to me and many others. Hugs !

    1. Wow Jojie. I am so sorry to hear about your husband. May God continue to uphold you and encourage you during this difficult time of loss. He was young! Your post here was so encouraging to read — your hope in God and your life of no regret. Such a great example to me

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