Make a Commitment to Wellness

For the past few days I set aside my fitness meal plan to indulge a little. Thankfully, this break from healthy eating was short-lived. Part of my rebellion stemmed from angst over a consultation about my overall health that left me feeling discouraged. The consultation itself was an amazing experience. Everything made sense about wellness from a cellular level. But when I received the prescribed diet for me, I did the opposite of what I was told to do! Alas, the sinfulness of the human heart!

I ate bread, rice, and meat that I wasn’t supposed to, thinking that the suggestions of what to avoid were unrealistic. Eating is so important to me that I flipped out as I read through the list of grains, nuts, and organic products which the prescription asked me to abide by, which weren’t very easy to source.

Yet, after three days of food protesting I came back to my senses and consigned to the fact that I can do better with my food choices. Although I consider myself a healthy eater in the sense that I avoid sugary desserts, candy and chocolate, juices, soda, and loads of carbs, I am not consuming an optimum diet.

As a result, this has diminished my overall sense of well-being. I am not supposed to eat certain foods because they simply aren’t good for me and I am intolerant to them. Even if I feel angry that this is my reality, I also know that going in the opposite direction — that of rebellion — will eventually lead to my demise.

Today, I went with Elijah to S&R to study how I can revise my current menu for the home. I will be checking out other places as well for organic produce, as well as gluten-free, dairy-free options so that I can confidently conclude that I tried my best. The rest I will have to leave up to the Lord and entrust my body to Him as I do my part.

During my visit, I was happy to see things I can eat and drink:

  • Almond Milk (Unsweetened)
  • Almond Flour
  • Lentil Chips – no added sugar and gluten free
  • Olive Oil Mayo 
  • My favorite mixed berries pack was on sale! 

S&R also had cage-free eggs, organic vegetables, and a bunch of gluten-free and non-gmo snacks and products. I have known about these in the past but this time I actually paid attention to them.

A number of exercise equipments were on sale, too! (Someday I hope to have a home gyms. Sigh. For now it’s running the hills of our village)…

Elijah greatly helped me. He’s a young man now and prides himself on being able-bodied when I need extra muscle. He’s also thrifty so he kept me from overspending!

There’s a difference between wellness and fitness. Apparently you can be slim and trim but internally off-balance because your gut health has been compromised. I will do another post on the results of my consultation which became an eye-opener. For now it’s good to know that if I really want to be committed to wellness there are options out there for me and my family (and I won’t starve to death).








9 thoughts on “Make a Commitment to Wellness

    1. Life Science is based in the Fort. To be honest, their consultation is pricey. But they are trying to make their services more affordable because they do have a burden to help Filipinos achieve wellness…I paid 8K for my consultation. But it was 3 hours long and very informative 🙂

  1. Yes it says in the bible that it is not good to eat too much. It says it doesnt matter what you eat but if it feels wrong for you to eat certain food than it is right for you to not eat that food.

    1. Oh we can’t possibly go vegan…I didn’t mean that at all in the article. We like meat too much. But, the right kind of meat 🙂

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