My First Colon Cleanse

My sister, Carolyn, is one of the doctors at the newly opened Centro Holisto branch in the Grove by Rockwell. I walked in yesterday hoping to spend some time with her and she suggested that I get the colon cleanse because of the digestive issues I have been having as of late. (They have promos right now, too.)

It was my first time to do this. She didn’t tell me that it’s actually pretty painful, like the crampy feeling of giving birth and diarrhea. But the sensation of pain dissipates when you expel the liquid.

I don’t mean to overshare here, but the good news is that afterwards, I felt great! Lighter, more energized! Strangely or not so strangely I lost about over a pound, too. Bleck. Probably from the waste in my colon. Oversharing again, sorry. 

Here’s what I had to lie down on and you can pretty much guess where everything went during and after the procedure…

Nurse Tin, whom I also got to have a nice chat with about the spiritual realities of life, pumped about 15 liters of coffee + liver detox solution and water into me to clean me out. She stayed with me the whole time, massaging my lower abdomen to facilitate the cleansing process. I couldn’t believe she did this every single time with every single patient. (Actually, she goes through the experience herself on a regular basis.) 

At first I felt like a geriatric lying there at the mercy of the solution perched high up on a shelf for gravitational effectivity. Yet, Nurse Tin maintained her composure and calm throughout the entire time. She made me feel at ease.

We talked quite a bit, Nurse Tin and I, which helped to pass the thirty or forty minutes that it took to finish the procedure. I praise God that I got to share the gospel with her in between the stabs of pain I felt. Afterwards I was handed a hot pad for my stomach and a cup of ginger tea. It was delicious! Just the drink I needed to soothe my stomach. 

I didn’t know what to eat after my experience but Edric and I went on a dinner and movie date where I settled for Filipino cuisine. The next day (today) everything worked just fine, maybe even a little better than usual. 

Dr. Carolyn Pedro (aka sister dear) recommended three times of colon cleansing during the first week, followed by once a week for the remaining three weeks in the month and then maintenance cleanses, either bi-monthly or once a month. 

Since I don’t have constipation issues, I may not need to do this as frequently, but I do think it’s beneficial to do the cleanse, especially for someone like me who needs to heal and protect her gut. 

Dr. Candy Dalman-Drilon and Dr. Carolyn Pedro of Centro Holistico highlight the top benefits of colon cleansing: 

1. Detoxifies the liver

2. Increases your antioxidant levels that neutralizes free radicals. Helps the body produce 700x more glutathione than what it would do on its own which helps to remove the free radicals

3. Removes or cleans out the top layer of the colon which can then be replaced with probiotics. 

4. Eliminates toxic residues from environmental sources 

If I might add, it’s also beneficial to kick start a weight loss program, increase energy levels, and sharpen the sluggish mind. 

I have been to the Alabang branch of Centro  Holistico but this one is much more accessible to me. It’s very near where Edric works and where my kids have their music, art and pe classes. And of course, my sister holds her clinic here on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons so it’s convenient for me to see her.  Dr. Carolyn taking my live blood analysis…

Centro Holistico’s approach to health and wellness is integrative medicine. Its medical doctors “combine both traditional and western medicine methods, and complementary and alternative medical theories and treatments.”

Here are some of the treatments, services, and health programs offered at Centro Holistico: 

Address and contact info:

2/F The Retail Row

The Grove by Rockwell

E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave (C5)

1604 Pasig City

Landline: (02) 477-4574

Mobile: (0917) 120-7058


4 thoughts on “My First Colon Cleanse

  1. Hi Ms. Joy! Your blog entry is very timely. I’ve been experiencing stress-induced insomnia for quite some time, and was contemplating to go to a nearby hospital for a check up. When I read your entry, I had a change of plans! Even if I’m scared of needles, Dr. Carolyn made sure that the experience is a pleasant one. Thank you for sharing! ☺️
    I am one of the many avid readers of your blog who had been blessed and encouraged by your genuine love for God, familly, and community. ☺️

  2. Hi. Thanks for sharing this. May i know how much would it cost to undergo the colon cleanse? Thank you:-)

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