It’s the Final Countdown!

The big day is approaching! I started packing my hospital bag a few days ago so that I’m ready to go anytime. I’ve got three weeks left till my 40th week. Oh my!

Having done this five times in the past, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I really need.

During labor: 

  1. Lip balm. When I’m in labor, my lips tend to get dry, so I constantly need lip balm. My top picks…
  2. A coleman with ice chips in it. Edric always knows to bring these for me. Since I’m not allowed to ingest any food during my labor, having ice chips helps to keep me from getting dehydrated.(Image source: Dumontreise)
  3. A hair tie, something to pull my hair back and out of my face so that it doesn’t annoy me.
  4. Speakers. Last time I gave birth, Edric played soothing music for me. In case I’m able to deal with sounds, I will have a playlist ready on my Spotify on a knock-around Mumuso speaker that was given to me:
  5. Birthing oil. My friend, Betty, of Amara Oils, gave me a bottle of birthing oil. Hopefully, Edric will massage my back using this!(Photo source: Mama & Bump)
  6. Smart phone and charger. Edric will be documenting for me and updating family and friends about my status.
  7. Comfortable shoes. I will be wearing slippers. Usually, I’m allowed to walk around my room or the hallways when I’m in labor. I request not to be strapped down the entire time so that I can have the liberty to move and help my labor to progress. Slippers will be easiest to remove when I have to lay down for internal exams, or to check the baby’s heartbeat.
  8. Concealer. Of course, I want to look presentable while I’m in labor and giving birth!
  9. Snacks for Edric. He usually stays by my side, and I can’t have him starving to death if my labor is long. He will need something to munch on. Although, he can also buy himself a meal if he wants to, I prefer that he’s around the entire time. Since he’s been present during all my births, he knows my body cues very well. In fact, he’s often the one who announces to the nurses, “She’s going to deliver now!”
  10. Wet wipes. If the wait is long, and I need to feel refreshed, I’m going to use these for my face and body. (Photo source: themakeupmaven)

For the hospital room:

  1. Comfortable clothes. 
  2. A nice robe. I wear this over my pajama-ish clothes when visitors come over. It’s the same robe that was given to me when I got married! It’s got history.
  3. Maternity pads or even adult diapers. This sounds so yucky but they are necessary. Sometimes maternity pads are such a hassle to wear. Diapers actually work better. I packed the pull-up kind. That’s my little tip. It just feels awkward and bulky, but it’s easier to deal with post-birth bleeding when I’m in the hospital.
  4. Books to read.
  5. Socks. I often get cold after I give birth. The insulating heat that I usually feel while I’m pregnant disappears. Socks help.
  6. A blanket or throw to make my stay a cozier one.
  7. Hotel slippers. Since I will be wearing socks, these are easier to get in and out of than thong-type slippers. I can just throw these away afterwards, too, since they would have been “contaminated” by the hospital floor.
  8. A towel. I know I’m half Chinese but I don’t follow the 30-day, no shower recommendation. I probably would live longer if I did, but I cannot stand feeling dirty after giving birth. Therefore, I usually shower as soon as possible, and I feel very happy that I do so!
  9. An extra pillow. I always need an extra pillow to sleep well – a huggy pillow. To keep my pillow clean, I am packing it in one of KIT’s pillow bags.
  10. A big bottle of alcohol (not the drinking kind!). Since my kids will definitely want to hold their baby sister, as well as other guests, having this on hand to disinfect everyone will give me peace of mind.
  11. Facial tissues and wipes. Once again, my kids will probably eat some meals in the room and I will need these to clean them up.
  12. Face masks. These are for anyone visiting who has a cold or cough. That might include Edric or me as well. After the trauma of having a newborn confined in the IMCU for ten days after giving birth, then confined again a month later for pneumonia, I want to be wise and careful about exposure to any possible germs at this very early stage.
  13. Vitamins. I will need to keep taking my pre-natal vitamins to recover and for breastfeeding.
  14. Nursing cover. People come in and out of hospital rooms at such random times so I prefer to breastfeed with a cover. (I bought mine from Shopee!)
  15. Nursing bras. I may or may not wear these while I’m at the hospital, but I will definitely have to wear them on the way home.
  16. All necessary documents, which include admitting papers, birth class certificate (so Edric can go into the delivery room with me), patient information sheet, birth plan, etc.
  17. My laptop. I may get the inspiration to write if I’m not dead tired, so it will help to have this on hand.
  18. Going home outfit. Something stretchy. I’m still going to have a left-over tummy. How I wish a mommy’s body magically reverts to its pre-pregnancy form, but for all those who have been through childbirth, we know better. We will still have that four or five months pregnancy look until the uterus completely shrinks back to its normal size, and we can start working out our abdominals again.
  19. Toiletries. Thank you to @tropicculturemanila for the pretty case to hold all my stuff in.
  20. Gospel tracks. Hopefully, Edric and I will get the opportunity to share the gospel with nurses and people who attend to us.

Other things that my kids can bring when they visit…

  • Bottled water
  • Food
  • Board games

I wish I could pack all my kids and have them with me in the hospital room. Whenever I give birth, I miss all my other children. It feels incomplete to be away from them during such a momentous occasion for our family. They will visit for sure, and it will be chaotic and crazy, so Edric and I will have to do the wise thing and send them home at the end of the day!

I’m praying Edric and I can return home soon after, that no complications and issues will arise with my labor and birth, and we will have a healthy, beautiful baby girl to present to our kids. God has seen me through this five times in the past. His presence is my assurance and comfort, but I still feel anxious about the labor and the pain. Getting my bag ready is one thing. What I really need is prayer…for me to be ready physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! Thank you!

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    1. It went by soo fast! It’s crazy. I can’t believe I’m about to give birth. Please pray for me. I feel nervous!!!

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