How to Make Your Bathroom Scent-sational

The overall smell and sight of a bathroom matters to me. If I can walk into a bathroom that is clean and fresh smelling, as well as orderly and organized, it equates to a pleasant experience. If not, I tend to judge the space as dirty, and can’t wait to do my business and leave it quickly (without touching the door handle after washing my hands. I find a way to use my elbows to turn whatever lever or knob I need to.)

One of my worst nightmares would be having to clean a toilet that reeked, and had streaks, stains and grime all over it, without gloves, a mask, and proper tools to sanitize it. Pleaaase, no! I don’t mind cleaning a toilet. In fact, I do, and I consider myself pretty thorough at doing so. It’s just the overpowering smell of other people’s bodily fluids and fecal matter, as well as the sight of these, would be terrifying if I wasn’t covered in a space suit. My hats off to all the janitors and janitress who work so hard to keep public toilets clean. You guys are amazing!

Well, when it comes to the home, no one wants their home bathroom to stink and look like a public toilet that’s been neglected. We need our bathrooms too much! Besides the practical uses of home bathrooms, they are sanctuaries for moms like me who need a private area to escape to, where my kids can’t access me. Ha ha ha. Moms, you know what I mean! If you and I can stay in our bathrooms longer, we would!

Of course I love my kids, but I can’t even begin to tell you how restful it is to be able to use my bathroom in peace. Whether it’s taking a really hot shower or using the toilet, it’s one of my happy places.

When I discovered Mr. Muscle’s Scent Discs, I thought, “Now, here is something that will enhance my bathroom experience, and that of my family’s!”

These discs are a gel-like material that attaches to the inside of the toilet bowl (you won’t have to touch the inside to attach it. Thank goodness or I wouldn’t be reviewing it). Using a dispenser that easily ejects just the right amount of gel to the surface of the toilet bowl, this gel emits lavender or citrus scents and prevents, as well as removes, stains over time. Each gel disc lasts for weeks, so it’s well worth the 99 peso price tag. Each dispenser can be used multiple times, too, and they are re-fillable!

I asked my handy-man, Titus, my third son, to test out the dispenser for me. He easily attached the disc to the inside of the toilet bowl, and thought it was a fun thing to do. I tried it myself and messed up the first time. My disc didn’t look nice and round like his, but Titus told me how to do it properly. (Please note that this product shouldn’t be treated as a toy. It should be kept out of children’s reach.)

I effectively got the disc on to another toilet, the one my mom was going to use when she spent the night with our family. I hope she noticed how amazingly clean smelling our guest toilet was!

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