Do You Want a Magical Winter-Wonderland Christmas?

The last time our family experienced a white, snowy Christmas was five years ago. Since then, it’s been a tropical Christmas, no snow and no winter. We can’t authentically sing songs like, “Baby, It’s Called Outside,” because almost every single day during this time of the year is still sunny and bright! The only way to have a white Christmas is to travel overseas, or to visit a magical place like “Arendelle,” which only Disneyland can successfully pull off.

This Christmas, Disneyland Hong Kong has something extra special planned to highlight Frozen 2, and to transport people into a magical winter-wonderland.

When we were in Disneyland HK two months ago, I defaulted to my favorite, “It’s a Small World” ride. It always brings me back to my childhood – to vacations that I never wanted to end. That’s classic Disney for me. For my children, Frozen is their “classic” Disney. The characters, song, and story have been implanted into their hearts, especially for my girls, who have watched it over and over again through the years. In fact, they can’t wait for our family date night tomorrow, because we promised to take them to the theater for Frozen 2. (They have been on a digital detox for the last four weeks, so we haven’t seen the movie like most of their friends have.)

Even if they don’t know what to expect yet, my kids have the new paraphernalia from Disney. We unboxed a gift from Disney a few days ago, and we were all delighted!

Catalina asked to have the Elsa doll, Tiana wanted Anna, and Titus and Elijah put the hooded Olaf blanket on their heads and ran around the living room. We put the headband on Caylee, and let her hold on to the sparkly journal that came with a lock and key.

It was adorable to see my girls playing with the dolls and creating their own script as they went along. The boys (my older ones) acted out their comical version of Olaf’s character to entertain Caylee. Frozen remains to be one of my girls’ favorite Disney movies, and it’s a story that all my kids are growing up with.

For those of us who are hoping for a colder, more winter-wonderland-type of Christmas this year, and whose children are Frozen fans, Disneyland Hongkong has gone over the top to create a dazzling Frozen-themed Christmas. Brought to us by Anna, Elsa, and the magic of Arendelle, twinkling lights, sparkling ornaments, glittering snowflakes, shimmering trees, and Fantasy Gardens in Fantasyland will be transformed into the “Frozen Fantasy Gardens Village.”

Get into the Christmas mood with Frozen-themed snacks and special merchandise from Frozen 2, and be dazzled by “A Magical Frozen Snowfall” show where Queen Elsa will create falling snow!

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