How to Attract the Right Kind of Man

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Once again, to my single readers, here is the the post I promised. After writing “What To Look For In A Man,” this is the flip side – how to attract the right kind of man. It took me a while to put it together but with the help of a group of men whom I trust and hold in high regard, I got the content I needed. They provided valuable insight into the kind of woman they considered as “marriage-material.” Some of the men were already married, so they had the added hindsight of what really matters in the long term. Although certain preferences varied from one guy to another, there were a couple that stood out as pretty consistent. So let’s get right to it…

What does a good guy look for in a woman?

Someone who will follow his leading. Yep. I wasn’t surprised to get this one as an answer. Men naturally like to lead and they want a woman who will trust and respect them to do so. No matter how society reverses the roles of men and women, God’s design still stands. A man is called to headship in a marriage.

One of the guys clarified that it doesn’t mean a woman can’t have an opinion. In fact, he welcomes this. Men don’t want a woman who is always patronizing them. However, at the end of the day, if a man has to make a decision and a woman doesn’t completely agree, will she support him? This is what counts. Will she be willing to yield her will in favor of his, trusting that God has spoken through her husband?

This is important in marriage because you can’t have two heads going in different directions. Think about it…two heads on one body is also known as a MONSTER. God has given men the responsibility of leadership in a marriage. He has uniquely made a woman to be a compliment to a man. A woman’s role is invaluable – her support, encouragement, insightfulness, and prayer will be key to her husband’s effective leadership.

A positive, joyful person. Men don’t want a woman who will drag them down with their moodiness, irritation, expectations, and negativity. If a man is going to settle down with someone FOREVER, let her not be a grumpy, moody, self-absorbed person who will drain the life out of him! Oh my.

I’ve fallen into that mode a couple of times and it is not attractive to Edric. Men go to happy hour to get away from a woman like that. They want someone who will encourage, build up, and affirm them. For example, if a man makes a mistake (and he will in marriage, that’s a given and so will we!), he doesn’t want to hear a lecture or a 10-point sermon on what he did wrong and how he can correct his error. He doesn’t want to be yelled at, criticized or belittled either. What he does want to hear is, “Hon, I forgive you. I believe in you. I know God is going to help us get through this.”

Is this asking too much? I don’t think so. After 12 years of marriage, I know how powerful statements like that can be. As women, we have a way with words. We can target our statements to cut through a person. In fact, we can destroy a man and turn their heart away from us when we say things like, What’s wrong with you?! What were you thinking?! That was really stupid! This is all your fault! I should’ve never married you! I was better off single! And on and on…

The Bible says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” (Proverbs 18:21)

We need to carefully consider the words we say and filter them to make sure they build up and don’t tear down. No guy wants to end up with a woman who will keep highlighting his present mistakes or resurrect his past failures.

“It is better to live in a corner of a roof than in a house shared with a contentious woman.” (Proverbs 21:19)

A good guy is looking for a woman who will encourage him to trust in God, who will keep him hopeful about the future, and remind him that she is right there with him, willing to move towards it together, for better or for worse!

I like what my dad had to say about my mom, “She is flexible and easy to please. Anywhere is fine as long as she is with me.” He also added, “I pity the man who marries a woman who is difficult to please!”

Physically attractive. Before you react, let’s dissect this a little. God first presented Eve to Adam visually. Almost all the men I know (the good guys and the bad boys) notice what a woman looks like. In fact, this is often what gets their attention at the beginning. But after hearing the opinions of the men I interviewed, it was comforting to know that they don’t all share the same preferences for physical attributes.

One guy said, “I like legs and I got a wife who is 60% legs.” Another guy jokingly quipped, “It wouldn’t hurt if she looked like a Victoria Secret model.” (Good luck!) Yet another one said, “femininity and poise, a woman who is lady-like in her behavior and demeanor.”

When it comes to outward beauty, it can be very subjective. This means there is no ONE type that will appeal to every single man on the planet. So let’s celebrate our uniqueness because it is God given. At the same time, there are attributes that are considered universally appealing which we can do something about. Here are some examples: clear skin and vibrant hair, feminine curves, fitness, posture, bearing, smile, a positive body-image, confidence, hygiene, and grooming.

We need to do our best to look our best. If we need to change our diet and start an exercise program then let’s get started. If this means we have to pluck our eyebrows and wear deodorant, hey, it’s about time. If this means we need to update our wardrobe because our closet is a collection of ratty T-shirts from high school, then we need to go out and get something nice.

It doesn’t cost that much to look put-together. My mom and I enjoy bargain shopping. We are able to find stylish clothing just about anywhere without having to spend a fortune. We cut each other’s hair, too! (Okay, I probably need to get my hair professionally cut soon.) I’m sharing these little secrets because I am glad my mom is simple. She never bought a single designer bag or designer pair of shoes, so I wasn’t wired that way either. But she taught me a lot about how to sit, stand, walk, and how to dress like a lady.

A good guy has radars that alert him to avoid high maintenance women. Men can tell if a woman is overly concerned about her physical appearance. One of the interviewees said, “A woman needs to be content with herself so that she doesn’t feel the need to buy expensive clothing or wear a lot of make-up to make her feel beautiful.” (Paraphrased) Okay, I understand where he is coming from but praise God someone brilliant invented the “no-make-up-make-up” look! Ssh.

The focus of trying to look our best shouldn’t be, “I need to do this to get a guy but rather, I need to put effort into taking care of the face and body God has given me because I reflect him.”

And on that note, let me add that if we want to represent Christ, let’s wear clothing that highlights beauty but doesn’t sexualize us. If you don’t know if something is too sexy, ask your brother or your father! That’s right, go ahead. My older brother used to ban me from wearing all kinds of clothing.

As a married woman, Edric helps me a lot. He will tell me if I am wearing an outfit that isn’t appropriate because it draws the wrong kind of attention. And speaking of attention…when it comes to physical attractiveness, let’s remember that the motivation should be to attract people to the person in us – Christ – and not to pursue and obsess about being attractive. Honestly, the most attractive women I know and admire are those who are spirit-filled and radiate Christ-likeness.

I like how one of the guys put it, “The physical rates very high with men, but it’s definitely not number one after you get married.” He went on to explain that a really beautiful woman has depth. There’s a depth to who she is and it is anchored on who she is in Christ. This is not to say that it doesn’t matter to a man that his wife tries her best to stay attractive, but as the Bible says, “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.” (Proverbs 31:30)

Someone he can connect with and enjoy activities with. Being able to engage one another in conversation, meeting each other intellectually, having common passions, hobbies, interests or shared ministries…these things add dimension to a relationship. A guy wants his life partner to be a companion he can have fun with and DO things with. In fact, if a gal plays sports and is game for an adventure it’s a plus.

My brother, Paul, and his sister-in-law, Jenny, are both athletic. In fact, they seem to breed athletes. My nephew, Caleb, turned over at just a few weeks! Since Paul and Jenny are into fitness and sports, they can play golf together, run, bike, swim, and if Paul is lucky, he can even get Jenny to play basketball once in a while. Recently, they even mounted a Fitness Retreat for athletes. She’s pregnant right now so after this season, she will be up and about her activities with him again. But it’s great that their common interests get them to bond with one another and their kids.

Furthermore, if a woman uses her gifts and abilities to serve the Lord and others that’s a plus-plus. A good man will be drawn to a woman who invests her life in blessing those around her versus someone who is self-absorbed, spends too much time on Facebook and Instagrams herself all the time.

“Get along with his parents.” Who wants the added stress of having to manage their parents’ perception of the woman they are interested in? Stretch that across a lifetime and it’s not pleasant to keep trying to convince your parents that you married the right person.

I have a friend who is absolutely loved by her mother-in-law. Before she was married, she would bring food over to her boyfriend’s house and spend time with his mother when she was invited over. So very early on, she won the favor of her mother-in-law.

In our family, all my sisters-in-law are dearly loved, too. My brothers made sure that my parents got to meet them before they committed their hearts. So during family gatherings, it’s wonderful that everyone gets along and shares common values. Conversations are free-flowing, no one has to be “on their guard,” and we exchange a whole lot of laughter.

Most important of all…A committed follower of Jesus. According to one of the interviewees, “When a woman loves the Lord, the rest follows – obedience, submission, gentleness of spirit…”

One of the couples in our discipleship group (a small group for couples) had a pretty rocky start. Both the husband and wife would criticize each other in public and they would shout at one another during fights in private. However, both of them had a relationship with Jesus. When they began to take their spiritual growth seriously, there was a very noticeable change in the way they treated each other. The wife became sweeter, more respectful and submissive toward her husband. In fact, she made a 180-degree turn from the person she used to be.

So many conflicts in marriage need spiritual solutions. Furthermore, when children come into the picture, it matters that both husband and wife share the same biblical values. Otherwise, they will be contradicting one another’s parenting style and challenging one another’s decisions when it comes to child-rearing.

Before I end this entry, I want to insert some of my own take-it-or-leave-it tips on what is attractive in a woman. I’m no love-guru. But I believe there is an art to the kind of womanhood that men are drawn to and it largely has to do with behaving like a lady, a feminine one. (Some people have vehemently reacted to this list. And like I said, it’s NOT the Bible. My goodness, no. These are just SUGGESTIONS. If you really really don’t like to wear skirts, hey, don’t kill me. Wear pants. At the end of the day, a man will look past things like this if he really loves you. I know someone who had sweaty hands and stinky armpits but she has a husband who is madly in love with her.)

In no particular order…

Wear dresses and skirts more often than pants. It sounds silly but it makes a difference.

Stand straight. Don’t slouch. Walk with good posture.

Don’t play head games with a guy, acting like you are interested in him one day and ignoring him the next. If you like him, smile at him, talk to him when he talks to you. Don’t send mixed signals. Guys don’t do well with mixed signals.

If he has already expressed interest in you, reciprocate interest if you like him. You don’t always have to wait for him to come up to you and make the first move. You can wave hello or initiate conversation. Just be natural about it and don’t do it ALL the time.

Have a life of your own that doesn’t revolve around his. Let him miss you. You don’t have to see him every single day. You don’t have to text him, call him, message him, and send him photos every other hour.

Don’t be clingy and selfish. If he wants to hang out with his guy friends or he has something he has to do that doesn’t include you, don’t make him choose and don’t impose rules on him. Be happy for him and give him his space. Be busy doing your own thing.

Pursue your ministry calling, hobbies, work, and interests. It makes you multi-faceted and more fascinating (but don’t do it for this reason!)

When he starts to open up to you and share his dreams, his frustrations, his goals, etc., be a good listener, someone he can confide in.

Preserve an amount of mystery. This is different than playing games. Don’t always volunteer information about yourself unless he asks. And if he does, give it to him in regulated doses so there’s always something more to discover.

Be grateful and appreciative for the things he does for you, and compliment him when it’s appropriate.

Show off some of your domestic skills (if you are pretty confident about them). Cook him a meal, or bake him some brownies.

Be game for adventure and activity. Don’t act like you are going to break your nails if he wants to take you hiking. Be fun!

Be thoughtful and considerate. For example, don’t be late or make him wait for you. Another example is when he has a rough day, send him a word of encouragement.

Pray for him. Ask him how you can pray for him.

Love God more than you love him. Don’t compromise your values or principles for him. Set boundaries when it comes to the physical.

Be complete in Christ. Don’t look to a guy to complete you.

In fact, I want to end with that thought. There’s something that you absolutely need to know. God loves you. Live to please him first. Don’t take this article and think, “Yes, this is how to snag a husband who will love me and take care of me.” You don’t need a man to complete you or make you whole. You are beautiful just as you are because you were made by God. He created you for a special purpose and your best life is found in pursuing this purpose. If that includes getting married, then praise God. If not, he has something better in store for you. But just remember, married or single, an attractive woman is one who is content, at peace, and joyful in the Lord!

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  1. sector almuete says:

    I was so blessed much things for the first time reading ur post…thanks a lot God bless u all

  2. seycie almuete says:

    I got wrong typing my correct name

  3. The insights and verses you shared here reminded me so much that God designed us to be our husbands helpmate.

  4. Hi Joy, thanks to both articles (this one and “What To Look For In A Man”), God opened my eyes and allowed me to see that the current guy that I like is not the one that God wants for me. We’re not in a relationship yet, and although I’ve always prayed that I would have the strength to follow God’s will, I find myself justifying the reasons why I want to be with that guy. Your articles made me realize that right now, he is not the kind of guy who would lead me closer to Jesus.. And that I still need to work on having a heart that loves God above everything else.

    Thanks again 🙂

  5. i’ll let my nieces and friends read this, a must read article for young and young adults as well still single and looking for a partner…biblically based….thumbs up to you always Joy…thanking God for using you mightily in sharing your insights…Godbless you always!

  6. Thank you for this. There’s power in what you’ve just shared. By God’s grace, keep on writing. God bless you more! 🙂

  7. THIS!

    Shared this post with my dgroup today because I was immensely blessed. Thank you, Joy. Praise God for you heart and desire to enlighten your single readers like myself.

  8. Thanks for your this wonderful insight! Men and women who desire a long lasting relationship may find something very inspiring, encouraging and moving in this article. Thank you! 🙂

  9. Hi, Joy.

    Thank you. Thank you so much for this article. Practical yet inspired by the Holy Spirit. I’m actually following your blog ever since your sister-in-law, Danie, mentioned it to me a few months back. I’m also from the single’s district of Ligaya Ng Panginoon. Your sharings never fail to inspire and encourage me to live a life pleasing to God. Please keep on keeping on 🙂

  10. Eun Jung Heo says:

    Hi:-) Thanks for your nice article. I am Eunjung from Korea~ A few weeeks ago, one of my Vietnam friends commented on your facebook so I searched your blog and became your follower:-) I love your writings and sharing.
    I am 30 years-old single woman who is considered as a pity single woman by my parent…
    Their worries make me feel guilty. Sigh….
    I just wonder if I am not enough for a nice guy.
    Sometimes I attempt to find a guy who dosen’t believe in God.. Because some said that “it is okay for you to bring him to Church after you have a serious relationship. So hard to make a right decision. I wish I could get a right guy soon…..:) Lots of kisses and hugs for you!!

    • Joy T Mendoza says:

      I believe that we need to have restedness about these things. If God has a guy for you, he will bring him to you. Many women get married in their 30s nowadays. So you are just fine. Better 10 years with the man of your dreams than 50 with a husband from hell!

  11. thank you for this article,may you continue to bless us through your blogs. 🙂

  12. Thanks for sharing this. God bless you and please continue to share Godly wisdom. 🙂

  13. I think that, overall, being a strong, independent, well-rounded person is the best way to attract not only men, but other people in your life who you are happy to be around. When you want to attract a man, it’s all too easy to get caught up in surface issues, such as your physical attributes, and trying to second guess what it is the man you like wants. Whereas if you relax, concentrate on developing your own self and a healthy self-esteem, you will naturally end up surrounding yourself with good people, and it’s more than likely that a good relationship will result from this.

    Thank you for your post.

    • Joy T Mendoza says:

      That’s great Jenny! I especially agree with the part where you say, relax and concentrate on developing your self and having a healthy self-image. It’s attractive when a woman doesn’t “need” a man but is perfectly content as is. 🙂

  14. Hi,

    It seemed to me, I couldn’t find any guy like that in my church. How funny! When I read this part Someone who will follow his leading. and this part A positive, joyful person. I couldn’t help but think how the roles have turned.

    Sorry, all of what you said–there’s nothing wrong with it but, for instance, there r some guys who really doesn’t want to lead but to be led–I see a bunch of them. There are also guys who are quite negative and it drained me after a day with them…

    I think, in the Chinese community it’s quite different now. Though, they’re Christians, i never see any single guys who love God with all they hearts and all they look in a woman for is money. How sad.

    • Joy T Mendoza says:

      I’m sorry to hear that, Cheng. That is sad if it really is true. But I really think a lot of it has to do with the way these men were raised by their parents. Perhaps they never saw biblical roles modeled by their own parents. Headship is not something they witnessed in their own fathers. There’s always a reason when people stray from God’s design. But I also believe that God is able to restore the order of things. Perhaps your church also needs a revival. Maybe you guys need to revisit biblical principles on marriage so that the current trend doesn’t continue. To say that there is NOT A single GUY that loves God with all their hearts is pretty serious. The leaders need to be looking into that to be more intentional about discipleship. Just the same…my heart goes out to you. I’m sure it is frustrating. If you ever need encouragement, email me and let me know more. At the very least I can pray for you 🙂

  15. I feel that this post is utterly revolting. The qualities you list off are mostly all about surface appearances. It seems to me, that your type of attraction does not go very deep and is quite shallow in a way that demeans women.

    • Can you kindly expound on how you found the qualities here to be about surface appearances?

    • Joy T Mendoza says:

      Wow, revolting is a strong word! I’m very curious as to what you mean. Which qualities are superficial and how have I demeaned women? I’d really appreciate a response. I love, love dialoguing with readers 🙂 Hope to hear back from you!

    • Times'a changin' says:

      I quIte agree with you. Some of the things she said are positively shocking! I wonder what century she’s from. For the sake of other readers who may not know any better, I really hope she’s kidding.

  16. Hindi na kasi practical yan eh, but maybe sa time mo or community mo but it doesn’t apply to times right now. I do agree with Kat though there r nothing wrong with what u mentioned but it quite shallow n demeans women.

    Maybe u should do a whole lot more research bec not all guys r as good as what uv mentioned here, there r some really abusive guys n a lot who takes advantage of girls now a days.

    If all guys r like what uv mentioned then its applicable.;)

    • Joy T Mendoza says:

      Come to our community! ha ha ha. Yes, I agree…the times are indeed changing and there aren’t a lot of “good” guys anymore. But this doesn’t mean that women have to lower their standards and settle. I really believe that God can work in the hearts of men to transform them, no matter what the times are like, no matter how they have changed. I think we do ourselves a great dishonour by giving in to the times and saying that this is just the way it is.

  17. @Kat What do you mean by saying “it doesn’t go very deep” and “it demeans women”?

    I agree that not all guys are like the one stated here, actually in reality, guys are not like this. It takes time and grace to see a man to be transformed like this. Just don’t settle for less ladies. You are worth it. More than what you can imagine. Even if you’ve had difficult experiences and awful pasts. You are so worth it. Wait for it and be transformed first by the saving grace of Jesus. I was once an opportunistic guy (like everyone else) but I’ve realized how precious women are and how many are in need of love, like me. And I came to the point that I just try to satisfy myself from shallow relationship(s) but the love that I need was never really met. There was a breaking point. Then I realized how Jesus loves me, and it is unconditional love. After I realized and received it, I am also willing to share that love, that pure love, to someone I care whatever past she had.

    I will never be perfect for her. But I am willing to be transformed to be better. Ladies, you are precious in God’s eyes. And He has someone for you, more than what you can imagine, even more than what was described here. Wait for it, patiently and expectantly. In the meantime, may you have joy in your single life.

    PS: Someone said, if you can’t stand up for something, you’ll for anything. So maybe… I can say, if we can’t stand up for someone (right kind of guy or gal), then we will just fall for anyone.

  18. Mommy Joey says:

    Hi Joy,
    I am an active follower of your blog since 2011.
    I’ve been blessed, mentored and convicted with a lot of your entries and testimonies.
    Shared it on FB and my LIFEgroup and discussed it with friends
    but this is the first time I’m leaving a comment.
    I agree that someone should not lower their standards or compromise their values or principles in looking for the right kind of man or woman.

    If i may add, if a guy is “abusive or takes advantage with women” then he is not the “right guy” women should be attracting to in the first place.

    Anyway, sharing this on FB for all my single friends.
    As for me, I already found the man God chose for me and I’m glad I never have to compromise.

    • Joy T Mendoza says:

      Yes, I totally agree with what you said about an abusive guy not being the right guy. That’s why we really need to pray for discernment because it is not always obvious at the beginning. Praise God you found a great guy!

  19. all I can say is whoaaa… 38 comments and still going! I liked the article to begin with, and the conversation thread that followed suit! 🙂 Blessings to all!

  20. James Scott says:

    I don’t think a woman has to compromise herself with these sorts of things and “follow a guy’s leading”. Men are all different and not all of them are “active” and expect their partner to do so too. Women should not have to show off their “domestic” qualities or depend on physical appearances to meet the right guy. “Clear skin and vibrant hair, feminine curves, fitness, posture, bearing, smile, a positive body-image, confidence, hygiene, and grooming” doesn’t all make a women more attractive and it really depends on the guys she wants to attract. Everyone has different bodies of different shapes and sizes. They do not curves or fitness or great hair and clear skin. A guy that really loves you should not care about these qualities and love you for who you are and a pimple or acne shouldn’t stand in the way of his love. This is sexist and misogynistic.

    • I can imagine were your coming from, but the article does not seem to be sexist and shallow. Physical attraction is just the tip of the iceberg I guess. Sometimes, people rush or settle for less on these qualities that they neglect either the physical part or the values part. But the article focuses more on the value the guy has… like getting along with parents, committed follower of Christ. You know a “real” and “committed” follower of Christ will never be a passive guy. Because God brings out the best of what he is and he can be. Of course, the physical part is subjective but the way she smile or look at you adds to the glittering and shining moments but like I said it’s just the icing on the cake… it still boils down to values and character. Someone who is willing to love and accept you unconditionally.

      Thanks for your comment James. Glad to have you here.

  21. I am Rody from Myanmar. My boyfriend is from another faith (he is Buddhist). My parents are Leaders in the Church. So my family members don’t agree on my relationship with my boyfriend. He is my first love. He was my high school classmate. Now I am 29 years old. I think I am old enough to get married. As I am from a strong and devoted Christian family, I broke with my boyfriend and praying for a man who believes in God or who has the same faith with me. Do you have any tips for me with Bible verses? I want to have a Christian family soon.

  22. onefinegirl says:

    Never lower your standard because you’re lonely…. 🙂 thanks ms. joy for this beautiful article…. 🙂

  23. onefinegirl says:

    oh one more thing….you remind me of Jason and Crystalina Evert… kayo ang Pinoy version! 😀

  24. Emma C. Lozano says:

    It is indeed a beautiful article, inspiring and a good insight.

  25. Thanks Joy for this insightful article! It’s worth reading. 🙂

  26. Almost 10 years into our marriage and yet this blog speaks to me:

    “When they began to take their spiritual growth seriously, there was a very noticeable change in the way they treated each other. The wife became sweeter, more respectful and submissive toward her husband. In fact, she made a 180-degree turn from the person she used to be.”

    We’re still working on our marriage to reach that level when my husband rises above me in leadership and I am the submissive wife. It’s pretty hard when the woman has the stronger personality, submission is an effort.

    Thank you for this reminder that our relationship with Christ enables us to change for the better. 🙂

  27. This is a nice article.
    Trully a help on how to be a better woman not just in the eyes of guys but in the eyes of God.

  28. Hi Ms. Joy. Thank you for this wonderful article. Hoping that God will bless me with a right kind of man.
    God Bless you.

  29. Hi,
    Thank you thank you for this wonderful and encouraging post. I feel blessed after reading this. I agree and believe in everything you said here. If JESUS is the center of it all, everything is possible. Hope you continue to inspire other people through your writings. Thank you.

  30. Thank`you for this wonderful article Ms. Joy!

  31. Violet Anderson says:

    I’ve been praying to God to help me realize if the guy I’m eyeing for is the one. I’m into this guy for, I think, 6 years now and I’m currently getting tired of the game we’re playing – mind games and stuff. I started praying hard, I even asked God to give me signs, to show the way, to reveal things about the guy, and other related matters. Then one day, I saw your blog (I believe God lead me to this), read and reflected through it, and eventually I became fully aware of the useless thing I’ve been holding on for so long. I really love everything about this blog. I think I’ll be regular follower from now on. Thank you so much for the Christian lessons and for inspiring me to be a better person for Christ. I always wish you well all in Jesus’ Name.

  32. This has really been a blessing to me

  33. Times'a changin' says:

    I wouldn’t want a guy who’d expect me to “follow his leading” or “wear dresses and skirts more often than pants”. I’d want to be seen and treated as an equal; I am horrified that you would even suggest submissiveness as a quality any woman should desire to posses! I’m of the opinion that physical attributes should never be tied to self-worth, which this article seems to be suggesting.

    I may be wrong but I think you’ve got it completely wrong.

    • Joy T Mendoza says:

      Hmm…did you read the ENTIRE article?

      “when it comes to physical attractiveness, let’s remember that the motivation should be to attract people to the person in us – Christ – and not to pursue and obsess about being attractive. Honestly, the most attractive women I know and admire are those who are spirit-filled and radiate Christ-likeness.

      I like how one of the guys put it, “The physical rates very high with men, but it’s definitely not number one after you get married.” He went on to explain that a really beautiful woman has depth. There’s a depth to who she is and it is anchored on who she is in Christ. This is not to say that it doesn’t matter to a man that his wife tries her best to stay attractive, but as the Bible says, “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.” (Proverbs 31:30)”

      “Be complete in Christ. Don’t look to a guy to complete you.

      In fact, I want to end with that thought. There’s something that you absolutely need to know. God loves you. Live to please him first. Don’t take this article and think, “Yes, this is how to snag a husband who will love me and take care of me.” You don’t need a man to complete you or make you whole. You are beautiful just as you are because you were made by God. He created you for a special purpose and your best life is found in pursuing this purpose. If that includes getting married, then praise God. If not, he has something better in store for you. But just remember, married or single, an attractive woman is one who is content, at peace, and joyful in the Lord!”

  34. I like the last one. “Be complete in Christ. Don’t look to a guy to complete you”, I think this will apply to both gender too. When we have God we have everything. A blessed day! 😀

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  36. Robert Earl says:

    Hello Sis Joy!
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