Family Covenant 


  My sister in law, Danie, just got married. She was a beautiful bride!     A day before the wedding, Edric's family … [Continue reading]

We Need You, Hon


 With a new morning show on television (Mornings at ANC), Edric’s schedule has been more hectic than usual. He’s been very good about managing … [Continue reading]

Elijah’s Review of the Asus ZenFone 2 Laser

I am not a techy person but my son, Elijah, is. He’s amazing with gadgets and programming. At twelve years old, he knows how to code websites and … [Continue reading]

Stop. Look and Listen.


  I don’t have enough quiet in my life, enough silence for meditation and drinking deep from the living water that is Christ.  I get so … [Continue reading]

Serve the Lord, Save Your Marriage 


  It's impossible to effectively serve the Lord when your marriage isn't okay, especially when you minister to other couples. I suppose this … [Continue reading]

When Children Doubt That Jesus is Real


Even if my kids are growing up in a home where they hear about God’s word and Edric and I try our best to role-model what it means to follow God, our … [Continue reading]

A Father’s Example of Humility


My sister, Candy, struck up a conversation with me about how our parents are crazy busy. She explained that in Sacramento, when mom and dad would … [Continue reading]

Validating Your Husband’s Leadership


I have been too exhausted in the past two weeks to write anything substantial. First came the Philippine Homeschool Conference and then Counterflow … [Continue reading]

Just Married…Again


In a day and age where people spend a ridiculous amount of money to pay for the wedding “of their dreams,” I’m dedicating this post to all the singles … [Continue reading]

The Guardians


  I was late to pick up Tiana from her ballet class but Elijah, my eldest, came to her rescue. We intersected paths as I walked towards the … [Continue reading]

Dying Young, Living Forever


Edric and I were on the way up to Baguio for the recently held Executive Couple’s retreat when my brother, Paul, phoned us. He called to relay the … [Continue reading]

Housing 12 Kids


Over the past two weeks, we have temporarily adopted my siblings' children. My brother lost his brother in law to a tragic accident so he left the … [Continue reading]