Don’t Settle Now Because It Will Matter Someday


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First Grade Curriculum


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S&R’s Biggest Sale Is Coming Up!


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Visit to Saipan


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Letting Siblings Shine in Their Own Way


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Speak Life Words to Your Spouse


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From Arch Enemy to Friend


My daughter, Tiana, and her cousin, Teegan, are only months apart. Teegan is the big American version and Tiana is the petite Filipina one. There is … read more

Why Our Kids Don’t Play Pokémon Go


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When Disappointment is a Good Thing


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Homeschoolers Conquer Science 


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I Just Want to Be With You, Mommy


 Girls, girls, girls. I’m not used to dealing with the drama of daughters. For a good many years it was just boys and their havoc-wrecking … read more

God Finds Our Children


Our children have their own timetables when it comes to their faith journeys. We can do our best to raise them in the ways of the Lord and to teach … read more