Dapitan Rookie


I may be the last person who knows about the amazing finds at Dapitan, but in case you are clueless like me, here's a place worth visiting. There is a … [Continue reading]

How A Patient Husband Can Inspire His Wife


It's high time I wrote an entry about how wonderfully Spirit-filled my husband, Edric, has been as of late. Sometimes my posts about our marriage have … [Continue reading]

The Power of Time


Every child needs time with his or her parents. Time = love to them. Sometimes I assume that homeschooling is equivalent to quality time spent with my … [Continue reading]

The Real Star of Our Mayad Beginnings Shoot


Last weekend, our family had a photoshoot with and for Mayad Beginnings, the photography outfit of the amazing Mayad Studios (who happened to do the … [Continue reading]

It’s a HIIT! 


The ladies from our Thursday night couples group decided to workout at Elorde Gym to do HIIT. I had only heard of High Intensity Interval Training … [Continue reading]

Five Things My Mom Taught Me About Being A Wife


Of all the lessons my mom passed on to me, I am most grateful for the example and principles she taught me that prepared me to be a … [Continue reading]

Four Days with Nine


When children are obedient it is possible to raise nine of them! This was my realization over the weekend when both my brothers entrusted their … [Continue reading]

Yearly Garage Sale


One of the cures for materialism and hoarding is parting with the stuff in our closets and cabinets. Besides giving things away, every year we have a … [Continue reading]

Dear Dad and Mom


For his graduation from elementary, our son, Elijah, wrote letters to Edric and me. I just received copies of the letters which were forwarded to me … [Continue reading]

When a Walk-in Closet Becomes a Boxing Ring


It was not so coincidental that a marital conflict between Edric and me erupted a few hours before the historic Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather … [Continue reading]

Slip N’ Sliding


Last weekend, our village came up with a brilliant way to cool off the neighborhood. They set up a 1,000 ft. slip and slide for kids. It was quite an … [Continue reading]

We’ve Never Gone Hungry


God continues to provide for us through the many seasons of our lives. At the beginning of this year, our reserves were running low because we … [Continue reading]