I Just Want to Be With You, Mommy


 Girls, girls, girls. I’m not used to dealing with the drama of daughters. For a good many years it was just boys and their havoc-wrecking … read more

God Finds Our Children


Our children have their own timetables when it comes to their faith journeys. We can do our best to raise them in the ways of the Lord and to teach … read more

Too Scared to Homeschool? Try the Hybrid Version.


Many parents say, "I don't know if I am cut out for homeschooling." And I understand where they are coming from. It can sound daunting and … read more

Trusting God by Trusting Your Husband


Having my sister, Candy, here for the last year and a half was like a dream come true for the Tan-Chi clan. When my bother, Peter, moved back to the … read more

Big Rocks, Small Rocks – Time Management for Busy Moms


I wear many hats as a woman. There’s being a wife, a mother, a homeschooling parent, a discipler to women, a counselor, speaker, writer, and every now … read more

Australia Trip Highlights


Our short trip to Australia, specifically the region of New South Wales, left me wanting for more! I can't wait to go back with the rest of our kids … read more

Teaching Kids About Healthy Sexuality


The question "When and what do I teach my kids about sex?" comes up in parenting huddles, where moms gather together and air their concerns about how … read more

TMA Homeschool Becomes Homeschool Global


TMA Homeschool has upgraded its identity with a new name -- Homeschool Global (HG). After nearly 17 years of serving homeschool families, this … read more

Money & My Honey


When I married my husband, Edric, I knew that we weren’t starting off with a lot of money. It wasn’t an issue for me. I was a starry-eyed bride caught … read more

Your Kids Are What You Eat


We binged on junk food when we got back from our trip to New Zealand and Australia. It was a good and terrible thing. I was bloated and lethargic … read more

Highlights of New Zealand Trip


New Zealand is officially on my list of favourite places that I've been to.  Clean air, nature, a laid-back culture, friendly people, multi-cultural, … read more

Rest is a God Thing


In our fast-paced, performance-driven, results-oriented, and pressure-filled world, many of us neglect to rest. During our trip to New Zealand (which … read more