Date Your Spouse


Edric planned a surprise date for us on the balcony last night. I didn't suspect anything until the boys said they needed to roll down all the blinds. … [Continue reading]


IMG_0640 copy

Most of us are pretty clueless when it comes to rearing children, especially at the beginning. My younger brother epitomized this when he stepped into … [Continue reading]

The Benefits of Homeschooling With an Accredited Program


There are many ways to go about homeschooling. Sometimes I get enamoured by the idea of homeschooling without accountability. Just going about it on … [Continue reading]

Do’s and Don’ts for Living with Househelp


One of the reasons why I’m writing this is because some readers thought I came across as unreasonable and demanding about my househelp in my entry, … [Continue reading]

Strike 3!


Dealing with househelp issues. Sigh. Not my favorite. Here I am trying to deal... I really appreciate the ladies who work for us. They are an … [Continue reading]

Obeying Your Husband = God’s Bountiful Blessings

Catalina First Birthday-2

Edric and I usually don’t spend alot for birthday parties. With five children, that kind of expense can add up. However, we do like to celebrate their … [Continue reading]



My beautiful sister, Candy, is visiting from the U.S. with her family. She gave her testimony about purity to a group of young people two weekends … [Continue reading]

Beware Of the Bladderwort Woman

Deceitfully beautiful yellow flowers, that's a … [Continue reading]

When Things Turn Sour, BE SWEET!


Early this morning I had a doctor's appointment for my scoliosis. Three of my kids were with me -- Elijah, Edan and Titus. (My two girls have been … [Continue reading]

Just A Little MORE Respect


I am on a role with this respect series so I am going to go ahead and post what I just shared at a couples' retreat in Baguio... At the beginning of … [Continue reading]

The Respectable Husband/Father


With permission from my husband, Edric, I am writing this entry. "If I want my family to respect me, I need to be respectable." His exact quote. … [Continue reading]

Am I Your Priority, Honey?

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I often equate respect for my husband, Edric, as minding my tone and attitude as a wife when I communicate with him, or trusting in his leadership … [Continue reading]