Highlights of Our Peru Adventure


This was my first time to visit Peru with Edric. We stayed in Cusco and took the Hidden Valley Tour, and the Machu Picchu Tour. Peru is beautiful, … [Continue reading]

It’s Never Okay to Throw a Toilet Paper Roll at Your Husband


After writing an article last week on “Fighting with Gentleness,” I messed up big time. I mean, BIG TIME. I’ve been honest with my readers about my … [Continue reading]

Centro Holistico


     My mom and I visited Centro Holistico today for our mom and daughter date. Carolyn, my youngest sister is finishing her med … [Continue reading]

Why Children Learn Best at Home

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.41.33 PM

At the recent Global Home Education Conference in Brazil, I met Debra Bell again. She is one of my homeschool heroes. She was an educator who taught … [Continue reading]

Vionic Makes Me Bionic


 My feet get really tired at the end of the day because I have feet issues. A part of it could be my arches which gave me problems as an athlete … [Continue reading]

Saying Goodbye to Seasons of Motherhood


I finally weaned Catalina two months ago. It was kind of a forced wean because Edric and I traveled to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for seven days which left … [Continue reading]

The Chocolate Chamber 


After our seminar in Cebu, Edric and I got to drop by The Chocolate Chamber of Raquel Choa as recommended by a PR friend of Edric. It was worth the … [Continue reading]

Fight with Gentleness


Gentle in the dictionary means considerate, kind and amiable in manner and disposition, not harsh or severe. I want to be like this, especially … [Continue reading]

To My Young Adult


My husband, Edric, decided to institute a rite of passage for all our sons when they leave their childhood years and enter young adulthood. Since … [Continue reading]

Junior Preneur 2016


This is our children's first time to join the Junior Preneur event. It's been a difficult two weeks for them because they did a project that was … [Continue reading]

Courageous Caitie’s Legacy


I have been scrolling through messages and posts about Courageous Caitie and it’s difficult to swallow the ending that today gave us. She passed away … [Continue reading]

Be the Supermom God Has Called You to Be


The landscape of motherhood has changed significantly in the last decade. Moms today… • Multi-task on their smartphones (Pinterest, Instagram, online … [Continue reading]