Money & My Honey


When I married my husband, Edric, I knew that we weren’t starting off with a lot of money. It wasn’t an issue for me. I was a starry-eyed bride caught … read more

Your Kids Are What You Eat


We binged on junk food when we got back from our trip to New Zealand and Australia. It was a good and terrible thing. I was bloated and lethargic … read more

Highlights of New Zealand Trip


New Zealand is officially on my list of favourite places that I've been to.  Clean air, nature, a laid-back culture, friendly people, multi-cultural, … read more

Rest is a God Thing


In our fast-paced, performance-driven, results-oriented, and pressure-filled world, many of us neglect to rest. During our trip to New Zealand (which … read more

Lessons from the Hillsong Conference in Sydney


Rarely do Edric and I get to attend a conference where we aren't serving in some capacity. So it was wonderful to be at the Hillsong Conference in … read more

Respect Issues – It’s Not Cute When a Toddler Calls You By Your First Name


Of all my children, Catalina, my youngest, was the one child who exhibited disrespect through her words and actions. Sometimes, I would think, My … read more

Mt. Masungi


This was my first time to visit the Mt. Masungi Georeserve. It was amazing! My friends and I trekked up the mountain which took a about an hour and a … read more

Fight for Your Marriage


In the past weeks, Edric and I have been counseling different couples about issues in their marriages, ranging from minimal to major. From our vantage … read more

The Real Father of Father’s Day


The only thing Edric wanted for Father's Day was to have our family values printed and mounted on our walls. This should have happened two years ago, … read more

Mommy Pampering Time!


I just came from an event by Marilenstyles in collaboration with Solique gel nail polish by Girl Stuff to launch two of Marilen's favorite colors -- … read more

The Good Things vs. the Great Things


Early on in my marriage, my husband, Edric, was into computer games. It took some years for him to wean himself away from this addiction. Although I … read more

Potty Training and Parenting


Finally, Catalina can go to bed at night without wearing diapers. She actually initiated this milestone on her own some days ago when she adamantly … read more