Sarangani Educational Tour Day 1 to 3

Arriving in General Santos

Family vacations are a great way to do out of the box homeschooling. We just got back from an awesome 5 day vacation in Sarangani – all the way down at the tip of the Philippines in Mindanao. A good friend of ours, Michelle, lovingly organized a surprise birthday bash for her husband, Steve, who also happens to be the Vice Governor of Sarangani.  She invited friends to come to his 40th birthday party and she also put together a bunch of activities for us to do that turned out to be a fantastic educational experience for the kids.

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Socialization and Homeschooling

“You wouldn’t believe how many friends I have!” was the reply my son gave to a neighbor who said, “Why don’t you go to school so that you will have friends?”

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17 Days

So often we take for granted the children that God has given us. My heart really broke when I received a text from a friend who said that one of her twins died. She gave birth prematurely 17 days before. Her twin boys were only six months and had been battling severe complications after they were born.

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Hydro-therapy for the Family

Last Friday, we took Elijah, Edan, and Titus to Ace Water Spa in Quezon City (Delmonte Avenue). For adults it costs P550 and for children below 4 ft. it is P250. There are stations for each type of hydro-massage. Jets of water target different parts of the body. They also have different herbal heated pools and an ice cold pool to jump in and out of. Personally, the heated pools are one of my favourite parts about the spa. They are going to be opening a new Ace Water Spa in Pasig, Pioneer area. I’m looking forward to visiting that one.

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Wendnesdays with Moms – Part 2

Last Wednesday, we had our second session of Positive Parenting. It was on understanding and accepting your children. The moms and I learned that both children and adults fall between the spectrum of reactive and adaptive, public and private.

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Elijah turns 8!

Happy Birthday, Elijah!

Elijah turned 8 today. It may not seem too old if you have a teenager, but for a mom like myself who still has young kids, 8 seems so grown up! When Edric and I went shopping for his birthday gift yesterday, I kind of wasn’t sure what “cool” toy to get an 8 year old.

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My Mr. Men

My boys like Mr. Men books by Roger Hargreaves.  Everytime we go to Fully Booked, they ask me to read at least one of Hargreaves’ books. There are characters like Mr. Fast, Mr. Slow, Mr. Happy, Mr. Busy, and the list goes on and on.

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Inspire Me, Mom!

I have never been excellent in math. I used to dislike it immensely…until I started homeschooling.

When you teach something, you have to like it or the negativity comes out in your teaching. If a teacher is not passionate or excited about what she is teaching, then her student won’t be either.

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Stolen Pencils

Last night I got to reconnect with old college friends during a baby shower. The mom to be, was one of my first friends in college — Jennie Llamas-Garcia. She is going to be having a girl! Like myself, she has only had boys so it’s a whole new world for her, too. We had a great time Continue reading “Stolen Pencils” »

Lost Boys

I believe that many of the sons who are growing up in this generation will one day grow up to be “lost boys” if fathers don’t teach them how to become men.  I rarely meet fathers who don’t know how to provide for the material needs of their families or how to have fun with their sons, but I have encountered many fathers who do not know how to mentor or disciple their sons. So many boys live in homes where fathers are spiritually absent.

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Don’t Make Bible a Subject

I’ve always resisted buying a Bible curriculum for my kids because I want them to develop the habit of reading the Bible as a way of life. Elijah started reading his Children’s Bible when he was five and then graduated to an NIV Adventure Bible for Christmas 2010. He read his 300+ page Children’s Bible many times over and then asked for “a real Bible.” I was thrilled! Continue reading “Don’t Make Bible a Subject” »

Compliment Effort

One of the things I shared with the moms I started meeting with on Wednesdays was a tip my mom shared with me on what things we should affirm in our children. She told me, “Joy, compliment your kids for character.” Instead of focusing on their appearance or their intelligence, praise them for obedience, for hard work and effort, for good attitude.

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