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I forgot that my parents and siblings, and TMA Homeschool were in this news article back in 07. I happened to stumble upon it again. Thought I would … read more

Ordered Chaos

The boys and I spent the whole morning doing art. I felt like we were cleaning up a good part of the time, too! Between Elijah, Edan, and Titus, there … read more

Pulling Teeth

Does your child trust you enough to let them pull his teeth? This was a question Edric found himself asking two days ago when Elijah had him pull his … read more

“Clayful” Civics

To review landforms, Elijah made a diorama using clay.  After this, he labeled all the different landforms and drew a compass rose. This was my subtle … read more

EETT Travel

Make learning Philippine Civics fun. Create a travel brochure! Elijah designed a travel brochure by "E.E.T.T. Travel." This really stands for Elijah, … read more

They Will Bloom in Time

My son, Titus, who is my two year old going on three next month, didn't start talking quite as early as my two older sons. But I always believed that … read more

Zoo time!

This is our kids' fourth time to go to Ark Avilon and they still love it. It really is a great place to take the kids and you won't get tired walking … read more

Have Home, Will Learn

This is the article I authored for Smart Parenting. It came out in the March 2011 Issue. I hope you will find it helpful. When people ask me … read more

Don’t Freak Out, Stage Mom!

Last Saturday, I was a stage mom. My two older sons, Elijah and Edan, had to take their Taekwondo promotional exam to move up to yellow belt. Edric … read more

It All Boils Down to Love & Relationships

The quality of homeschooling is very much affected by the quality of your relationships in the home. When my husband and I have tension in our … read more

The Importance of Modeling

I came across this excerpt as I was helping my dad prepare for one of his Sunday messages and it really struck me. It is from George Barna's book, … read more

Monday is Group Homeschooling Day!

Yesterday, my sister in law, Jenny, and I homeschooled our kids together.  It is becoming our Monday thing. We had a great time. The kids were a … read more