17 Days

So often we take for granted the children that God has given us. My heart really broke when I received a text from a friend who said that one of her … read more

Hydro-therapy for the Family

Last Friday, we took Elijah, Edan, and Titus to Ace Water Spa in Quezon City (Delmonte Avenue). For adults it costs P550 and for children below 4 ft. … read more

Wendnesdays with Moms – Part 2

Last Wednesday, we had our second session of Positive Parenting. It was on understanding and accepting your children. The moms and I learned that both … read more

Elijah turns 8!

Elijah turned 8 today. It may not seem too old if you have a teenager, but for a mom like myself who still has young kids, 8 seems so grown up! When … read more

My Mr. Men

My boys like Mr. Men books by Roger Hargreaves.  Everytime we go to Fully Booked, they ask me to read at least one of Hargreaves’ books. There are … read more

Inspire Me, Mom!

I have never been excellent in math. I used to dislike it immensely...until I started homeschooling. When you teach something, you have to like it … read more

Stolen Pencils

Last night I got to reconnect with old college friends during a baby shower. The mom to be, was one of my first friends in college -- Jennie … read more

Lost Boys

I believe that many of the sons who are growing up in this generation will one day grow up to be "lost boys" if fathers don't teach them how to become … read more

Don’t Make Bible a Subject

I've always resisted buying a Bible curriculum for my kids because I want them to develop the habit of reading the Bible as a way of life. Elijah … read more

Compliment Effort

One of the things I shared with the moms I started meeting with on Wednesdays was a tip my mom shared with me on what things we should affirm in our … read more

Wednesday Afternoons with Moms – Part 1

This afternoon I started a parenting series for moms at my house with a few friends. The material we are using is kind of dated but the principles are … read more

Magic Show, Anyone?

Even young children can be given opportunities to develop presentation skills. How about getting them to do a magic show?! Our kids recently became … read more