Don’t Make Bible a Subject

I've always resisted buying a Bible curriculum for my kids because I want them to develop the habit of reading the Bible as a way of life. Elijah … read more

Compliment Effort

One of the things I shared with the moms I started meeting with on Wednesdays was a tip my mom shared with me on what things we should affirm in our … read more

Wednesday Afternoons with Moms – Part 1

This afternoon I started a parenting series for moms at my house with a few friends. The material we are using is kind of dated but the principles are … read more

Magic Show, Anyone?

Even young children can be given opportunities to develop presentation skills. How about getting them to do a magic show?! Our kids recently became … read more

On-line Assessment

If you are concerned about whether your child is learning what they need to learn for their age, or if you want a diagnostic to know what to teach … read more

Are You A Tiger Mom?

In the January 31 issue of Time Magazine, I came across the article, “The Roar of the Tiger Mom.” It is about Yale Law Professor, Amy Chua, and her … read more


1. Oxford University Press - Oxford Practice Grammar - I like this site because you can take a grammar test to see what grammar you need to work on. … read more

Board Games That Teach

When my brother visited from the U.S. this past Christmas, he brought us a bunch of board games which we learned how to play with my siblings and … read more

Look At My Work, Mom and Dad!

This is a fun way to showcase your child's work. For my boys, this mobile from Dimensione worked for their origami. Kids love it when their work is … read more

Goals or Love? Love!

Today's homeschooling was a little bit tough earlier this morning. I had recently created a chart for the kids which had their goals for each day on … read more

Take It Outdoors!

I brought the kids outdoors for some Charlotte Mason-style homeschooling. The boys copied the buildings they saw. We hunted for taproot and fibrous … read more

Prepare Your Child for Life Success

Life success is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love others as yourself.  It is a life defined by peace, faith, true … read more