Let’s Be Motivating Parents!


I sat through the homeschool conference yesterday particularly inspired by the talk Andrew Pudewa gave on motivation. He shared four types, three … read more

Hedgehog & Gameboard Issues & God’s Love 


Since three days ago Edan has obsessed about a game called Sushi Go! Party, hunting for it on Internet board game sights, Amazon, and even local … read more

When Older Boys Are Uninspired to Study 


Friday morning started out like pulling teeth from my two older sons. Elijah and Edan grumbled, complained, and resisted being told what to do for … read more

Why Do You Still Love Me?


Edric is a very demonstrative person. He often tells me things like, "I love you." Or, "You are the highlight of my day." Or, "I miss you. I just want … read more

Support and Encouragement for Your Homeschooling


If you are considering homeschooling, in the trenches of it, or seeking to be a more intentional parent, then you will need all the support and … read more

In This Brokeness There Is Hope


The school house stood three stories tall, an edifice that appeared out of place in a residential community. It was at the end of the street, tucked … read more

Confessions of a Momentary Netflix Addict 


I felt like an addict last week, watching episode after episode of House of Cards. After each Netflix marathon, uselessness and emptiness troubled me. … read more

Don’t Settle Now Because It Will Matter Someday


After declaring to a group of friends that I hardly get sick, I was hit with a strange virus that left me physically weak and mentally impaired. It … read more

First Grade Curriculum


Tiana started First Grade this September and I have customized her curriculum based on what she is inclined to and how she learns. She is still an … read more

S&R’s Biggest Sale Is Coming Up!


One of my favorite errands to do with my daughters is grocery shopping. It's my bonding time with them. As often as possible, I take both of them. … read more

Visit to Saipan


Saipan is one of those places you want to get lost in. Okay so you really can't get lost. It's a small island, part of the other 13 that make up the … read more

Letting Siblings Shine in Their Own Way


I used to think it was a great idea that our three boys were taking up the violin together. However, as our oldest son, Elijah, began to show … read more