Three Times A Charm in Bataan


It was our third visit to Bataan but this one was especially fun for the family. First, we got to serve together. The older kids joined Edric on the … [Continue reading]

A Good Run With My Good “Pusher”


Edric got me to run in a 21K “fun” run yesterday. I know there may be readers out there who have done real marathons and triathlons who think 21K is … [Continue reading]

Dealing With Meltdowns


When my kids have their once-in-a-while "meltdowns" during our homeschooling, I am faced with two options. The first is to be annoyed, which is a very … [Continue reading]

Do We Really Need to Be Stressed?


My older sons were de-motivated at the beginning of the morning. When they looked over the homeschool work they had to get done, they sulked and … [Continue reading]

Montessori And Homeschooling


My friend, Betty, is organizing a Montessori training for moms of young children. I don't usually advertise events on my site but I am particularly … [Continue reading]

We Need An Everyday Husband/Dad


Edric and I were seated at the dinner table the other evening when I asked, "What was the highlight of your day?" to which he replied, "You … [Continue reading]

The Last Twelve Months of Boyhood

Wed Dec 10 2014 10-41-07 GMT 0800

Elijah is turning twelve this month. He hasn't experienced puberty yet but I am anticipating that it will happen soon, which kind of frightens me. … [Continue reading]

Even Though Others May Forget You, God Will Not


This past December, Edric and I went to Disneyland and California Adventure with our children, my sister's family and my mom and dad. We had a … [Continue reading]

Fifty First Lessons


It sometimes feels like fifty first lessons when I am teaching my sprightly and sweet daughter, Tiana. At four years old, she struggles to remember … [Continue reading]

You Don’t Have to Know Everything…

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 2.42.34 PM

Being able to educate our own children in a day and age when resources abound is an advantage we must absolutely take advantage of! My personal … [Continue reading]

A History To Pass On


Over lunch I shared with the kids how blessed I was that a reader of my blog was introduced to Jesus Christ through my site. I went on to explain that … [Continue reading]

Fun Filipino Books For Young Children


My kids are loving these books by Ana de Borja Araneta and Krie Reyes Lopez, which were published by Anvil Publishing: … [Continue reading]