Too Scared to Homeschool? Try the Hybrid Version.


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Trusting God by Trusting Your Husband


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Big Rocks, Small Rocks – Time Management for Busy Moms


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Australia Trip Highlights


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Teaching Kids About Healthy Sexuality


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TMA Homeschool Becomes Homeschool Global


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Money & My Honey


When I married my husband, Edric, I knew that we weren’t starting off with a lot of money. It wasn’t an issue for me. I was a starry-eyed bride caught … read more

Your Kids Are What You Eat


We binged on junk food when we got back from our trip to New Zealand and Australia. It was a good and terrible thing. I was bloated and lethargic … read more

Highlights of New Zealand Trip


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Rest is a God Thing


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Lessons from the Hillsong Conference in Sydney


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Respect Issues – It’s Not Cute When a Toddler Calls You By Your First Name


Of all my children, Catalina, my youngest, was the one child who exhibited disrespect through her words and actions. Sometimes, I would think, My … read more