I-Angel Hipseat Carrier


I received an awesome baby carrier as a gift a few weeks ago. It has an ingenious seat built into it that removes the pressure from a mom's back and … [Continue reading]

Complement, Don’t Complicate


"Complement, don't complicate me." That's what Edric said to me at 35,000 feet in the air, on the plane home from Brazil. I was nagging him about a … [Continue reading]

How to Travel Without Your Baby


I’m not an advocate of separating a nursing baby and mother for the sake of traveling. But I believe there are occasions when it may be necessary or … [Continue reading]

Sunrise On Copacobana Beach


A couple of nights ago, Edric told me he was feeling lost. (With the number of hats he has to wear, juggling his responsibilities can get … [Continue reading]

What Is This Love?


Brazilians are very much like Filipinos -- warm, relational, and sincere. It’s been such a joy to interact with them and get to know their culture … [Continue reading]

Just You & Me, Baby!


No kids. Just Edric and me. I miss them but this is a lot of fun! We needed this time away. The perks of childless traveling... 1. People think … [Continue reading]

Brazil, Brazil


Edric and I are off to Brazil! I just said a tearful goodbye to the kids and cried as I hugged Catalina. This is my first time to leave her since she … [Continue reading]



It's not a pretty title but it's my descriptor for what happened this afternoon, in the car, on Edric's leg, on his leather shoes, on his hand, and … [Continue reading]

At 11 months


Catalina is nearly 1 year old. Has it passed that quickly? It's been 11 months of loving my baby through sleepless nights and soiled diapers. At the … [Continue reading]

The Broken Hour Glass


"Where's Edan?" I asked Elijah and Titus, who were checking out the toys in the bookstore. They shrugged their shoulders and tilted their heads in a … [Continue reading]

Live With Your Wife In An Understanding Way

Edric and Joy

We were in the middle of a morning run when I opened up to Edric about my frustrations with our househelp. The day before they had served a huge … [Continue reading]

Totally Cute Theme For Girl’s Birthday Party


I had the privilege of being a ninang (godmother) during a birthday party today. And I just loved the Farm Girl Theme! What a great idea for a … [Continue reading]