When Teaching Math Makes Me Crazy


Arrrrrrggggghhhh. Teaching math to my five year old daughter makes me go crazy sometimes! Why is it so hard for her to get math?! Is it me? Is it … read more

It’s Time to Play!


“Many of our greatest thinkers locate their capacity for original and profound thought in their imaginative abilities, first developed through … read more

Are You in the Wilderness? 


One Christmas, my daughter received a set of Dora the Explorer clips, hairpins, and slippers from my mom. Instead of thanking her grandma, she flipped … read more

Sweet and Thoughful Gifts for Moms


For the years of tireless sacrifice that our moms have made, one day out of the year isn't enough to acknowledge all they have done for us. But then … read more

Your Husband is Special


On rare occasions I get to step into my husband's work-world and experience what it's like to do what he does. Today was one of those times. I got a … read more

Highlights of Our Peru Adventure


This was my first time to visit Peru with Edric. We stayed in Cusco and took the Hidden Valley Tour, and the Machu Picchu Tour. Peru is beautiful, … read more

It’s Never Okay to Throw a Toilet Paper Roll at Your Husband


After writing an article last week on “Fighting with Gentleness,” I messed up big time. I mean, BIG TIME. I’ve been honest with my readers about my … read more

Centro Holistico


     My mom and I visited Centro Holistico today for our mom and daughter date. Carolyn, my youngest sister is finishing her med … read more

Why Children Learn Best at Home

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.41.33 PM

At the recent Global Home Education Conference in Brazil, I met Debra Bell again. She is one of my homeschool heroes. She was an educator who taught … read more

Vionic Makes Me Bionic


 My feet get really tired at the end of the day because I have feet issues. A part of it could be my arches which gave me problems as an athlete … read more

Saying Goodbye to Seasons of Motherhood


I finally weaned Catalina two months ago. It was kind of a forced wean because Edric and I traveled to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for seven days which left … read more

The Chocolate Chamber 


After our seminar in Cebu, Edric and I got to drop by The Chocolate Chamber of Raquel Choa as recommended by a PR friend of Edric. It was worth the … read more