Going to S&R is a Fun Field Trip


There's only one grocery that my boys don't mind accompanying me to, and that's S&R. I think it's the spaciousness they enjoy and the tech … read more

Giving Birth and Why the Context Matters


I saw this photo in my files. This was the night I gave birth to Catalina in St. Luke's Medical Center in BGC. It reminds me of the pain I went … read more

Homeschool Global is in Cebu!


Homeschool Global (formerly TMA Homeschool) has a hub in Cebu, thanks to homeschooling parents, Jojo and Niña Tiongco. Burdened to provide homeschool … read more

Creative Play Unboxed


I always enjoy new finds that can enhance my kids' homeschooling experience. Last week, I met Stefanie Lim at a speaking engagement I was at, and she … read more

About Beauty Regimens and True Beauty


Someone asked me what my beauty regimen is and I didn't know what to say. When I told Edric and the kids about the question, they busted out laughing … read more

Homemade Ornaments 


Pinterest has such great ideas for DIY stuff, that sometimes I just have to try some of them!  We just made our own salt dough … read more

Communication in Marriage 


For about an hour a few afternoons ago, Edric listened to my rants, stories, and insights, all of which were pretty much unrelated to one another and … read more

Amorita is a Place of BIG Love


We arrived on the island of Bohol on Thursday morning, eager to spend the weekend at Amorita Resort on Panglao Island. After a hectic October, … read more

Math and Mommy Meltdowns


I can’t remember a time when I’ve cried in front of my children because I was so frustrated with homeschooling. But I suppose there is a first time … read more

Cultivate a Culture of Grace 


Edric and I come under spiritual attack before almost every major ministry event we are involved in. One can argue that all life ought to be a … read more

Happiness According to Trolls


"Trolls" is a fun loving movie about the power of positive thinking. It has an uplifting message for kids and parents -- that happiness is a … read more

Let’s Be Motivating Parents!


I sat through the homeschool conference yesterday particularly inspired by the talk Andrew Pudewa gave on motivation. He shared four types, three … read more