Montemar Beach Club


Our kids can never get enough of the water, especially if we are talking sea and sand. Two weekends ago, a friend invited us to celebrate his birthday … [Continue reading]

Sometimes A Husband Needs Divine Laryngitis


(Based on a testimony Edric asked me to share for CCF Cebu...) Last year, Edric was challeneged by the leadership of CCF (our church) to spearhead … [Continue reading]

The Gifts We Give Our Children


Have we ever stopped to consider the birthday presents we buy our kids? I must confess that I am not always very discerning or purposeful about the … [Continue reading]

A Season of Imperfection


Since giving birth, I have fumbled through many days wishing I was a better version of myself.┬áIt feels like I am in a season of imperfection. … [Continue reading]

Family Photo Turns Into A Billboard

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.05.29 PM

After giving birth to Catalina, I asked Edric several times if we could schedule a family photo session. We never got around to doing it. Amazingly, a … [Continue reading]

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me


I received a letter from one of the persons working at our construction site asking for money for his soon-to-be-wedding. In the letter he explained … [Continue reading]

Kids Need Their Fathers


Some weeks ago my third son, Titus, was recovering from a cough and cold so he had to stay away from the other kids. Edric happened to see him peering … [Continue reading]

Everything Breaks


The house is turning out better than I imagined thanks to our architect and contractor, but I allow myself to get stressed about little details. It … [Continue reading]

Be A Blessing


It came as a total surprise when Salve Duplito, Edric's co-host on the show On the Money, asked me if I would be willing to do an interview about the … [Continue reading]

Marriage and The Best Valentine’s Celebration Ever!


I have often said that I married a wonderful man. He is still wonderful and he gets better with age (like wine). Praise God! But marriage has always … [Continue reading]

When Your Children See Half-Naked Women On The Cover Of A Magazine


"Don't let Hollywood have a monopoly on what our children learn about sex" Dr. Peter Tanchi (image from Our children don't … [Continue reading]

Sweet In The Arms Of…


Catalina reached out to me for the first time today. She is five months, going on six. It was a wonderful feeling to be wanted. Her little arms … [Continue reading]