Don’t Sweat the People Stuff


My parents come under fire for things every now and then as church leaders. People criticize them and scrutinize what they do which comes with the … read more

Siblings as the Best of Friends


When Elijah arrived from his Holy Land Tour last Tuesday it was 12:30 AM so his younger siblings had to wait till the morning to see him. They had … read more

Give Priority to Your Spouse


Edric and I seem to get busier year after year, but one thing I appreciate about him is that he prioritizes me. If I were to tell him that I needed … read more

Newsletter Project – Making Language Arts Fun

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Getting my boys to write is often very challenging. So I have find creative ways to inspire them to write. Today, my fourth grader, Edan, and I worked … read more

When the Walls Come Tumbling Down


Edric and I were awoken at 3 AM to the sound of what we thought to be thunder. It wasn't until the morning that we were informed by our house help … read more

Letting Go


This is a new stage of parenting for me, parenting a young man, as my husband and I like to refer to our 13 year old son, Elijah. After he turned 13, … read more

When Teaching Math Makes Me Crazy


Arrrrrrggggghhhh. Teaching math to my five year old daughter makes me go crazy sometimes! Why is it so hard for her to get math?! Is it me? Is it … read more

It’s Time to Play!


“Many of our greatest thinkers locate their capacity for original and profound thought in their imaginative abilities, first developed through … read more

Are You in the Wilderness? 


One Christmas, my daughter received a set of Dora the Explorer clips, hairpins, and slippers from my mom. Instead of thanking her grandma, she flipped … read more

Sweet and Thoughful Gifts for Moms


For the years of tireless sacrifice that our moms have made, one day out of the year isn't enough to acknowledge all they have done for us. But then … read more

Your Husband is Special


On rare occasions I get to step into my husband's work-world and experience what it's like to do what he does. Today was one of those times. I got a … read more

Highlights of Our Peru Adventure


This was my first time to visit Peru with Edric. We stayed in Cusco and took the Hidden Valley Tour, and the Machu Picchu Tour. Peru is beautiful, … read more