Respect Issues – It’s Not Cute When a Toddler Calls You By Your First Name


Of all my children, Catalina, my youngest, was the one child who exhibited disrespect through her words and actions. Sometimes, I would think, My … read more

´╗┐Mt. Masungi


This was my first time to visit the Mt. Masungi Georeserve. It was amazing! My friends and I trekked up the mountain which took a about an hour and a … read more

Fight for Your Marriage


In the past weeks, Edric and I have been counseling different couples about issues in their marriages, ranging from minimal to major. From our vantage … read more

The Real Father of Father’s Day


The only thing Edric wanted for Father's Day was to have our family values printed and mounted on our walls. This should have happened two years ago, … read more

Mommy Pampering Time!


I just came from an event by Marilenstyles in collaboration with Solique gel nail polish by Girl Stuff to launch two of Marilen's favorite colors -- … read more

The Good Things vs. the Great Things


Early on in my marriage, my husband, Edric, was into computer games. It took some years for him to wean himself away from this addiction. Although I … read more

Potty Training and Parenting


Finally, Catalina can go to bed at night without wearing diapers. She actually initiated this milestone on her own some days ago when she adamantly … read more

Don’t Sweat the People Stuff


My parents come under fire for things every now and then as church leaders. People criticize them and scrutinize what they do which comes with the … read more

Siblings as the Best of Friends


When Elijah arrived from his Holy Land Tour last Tuesday it was 12:30 AM so his younger siblings had to wait till the morning to see him. They had … read more

Give Priority to Your Spouse


Edric and I seem to get busier year after year, but one thing I appreciate about him is that he prioritizes me. If I were to tell him that I needed … read more

Newsletter Project – Making Language Arts Fun

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Getting my boys to write is often very challenging. So I have find creative ways to inspire them to write. Today, my fourth grader, Edan, and I worked … read more

When the Walls Come Tumbling Down


Edric and I were awoken at 3 AM to the sound of what we thought to be thunder. It wasn't until the morning that we were informed by our house help … read more