Vionic Makes Me Bionic


 My feet get really tired at the end of the day because I have feet issues. A part of it could be my arches which gave me problems as an athlete … read more

Saying Goodbye to Seasons of Motherhood


I finally weaned Catalina two months ago. It was kind of a forced wean because Edric and I traveled to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for seven days which left … read more

The Chocolate Chamber 


After our seminar in Cebu, Edric and I got to drop by The Chocolate Chamber of Raquel Choa as recommended by a PR friend of Edric. It was worth the … read more

Fight with Gentleness


Gentle in the dictionary means considerate, kind and amiable in manner and disposition, not harsh or severe. I want to be like this, especially … read more

To My Young Adult


My husband, Edric, decided to institute a rite of passage for all our sons when they leave their childhood years and enter young adulthood. Since … read more

Junior Preneur 2016


This is our children's first time to join the Junior Preneur event. It's been a difficult two weeks for them because they did a project that was … read more

Courageous Caitie’s Legacy


I have been scrolling through messages and posts about Courageous Caitie and it’s difficult to swallow the ending that today gave us. She passed away … read more

Be the Supermom God Has Called You to Be


The landscape of motherhood has changed significantly in the last decade. Moms today… • Multi-task on their smartphones (Pinterest, Instagram, online … read more

Highlights of Dubai & Abu Dhabi


Visiting the UAE last month was an amazing experience. The last time I was in Dubai was six years ago, after a trip to Israel, and while I was seven … read more

Reborn: 1 Walker Concert 


On April 3, 2016 at 7 PM at the Mall of Asia Arena, Ogie and Regine Alcasid, along with Jaya will perform in Reborn: 1 Walker Concert. This is a … read more

Submission to My Husband Is a Heart Issue


      I never quite graduate from learning what it means to submit to my husband’s authority. Just when I think I’m doing all … read more

How to Get Kids to Be Motivated Learners


I often get the question, “How do you manage homeschooling 5 kids?” To be honest, it isn’t always easy. And my default answer is to say, “It’s God’s … read more