At 11 months


Catalina is nearly 1 year old. Has it passed that quickly? It's been 11 months of loving my baby through sleepless nights and soiled diapers. At the … [Continue reading]

The Broken Hour Glass


"Where's Edan?" I asked Elijah and Titus, who were checking out the toys in the bookstore. They shrugged their shoulders and tilted their heads in a … [Continue reading]

Live With Your Wife In An Understanding Way

Edric and Joy

We were in the middle of a morning run when I opened up to Edric about my frustrations with our househelp. The day before they had served a huge … [Continue reading]

Totally Cute Theme For Girl’s Birthday Party


I had the privilege of being a ninang (godmother) during a birthday party today. And I just loved the Farm Girl Theme! What a great idea for a … [Continue reading]

Father To Son-In-Law


This is something I should have posted last week, but here it is anyway... We celebrated a belated Father's Day with my dad two Tuesday nights ago. … [Continue reading]

Bangkal Thrift Store Shopping


In this furnishing stage of our house building, looking for decorative pieces has become one of our favorite bonding activities. Edric and I have … [Continue reading]

This Is What It’s About


When people ask me how I homeschool several children, I tell them the secret is to teach my kids obedience. Character is key. If a child has learned … [Continue reading]

Biz Kidz Version 2


Our kids participated in the Biz Kidz event of TMA Homeschool last Saturday. It was such a well-planned event. I am not tooting my own horn here … [Continue reading]

It’s So Hard to Say Sorry…Sometimes


With five kids who are dual citizens, US and Filipino, Edric and I have to visit the US Embassy and Department of Foreign Affairs more often than most … [Continue reading]

Daddy Flashcards


Our family gift to Edric for Father's Day was a set of "Daddy Flashcards". I asked the kids to give descriptive words or phrases about Edric as a dad, … [Continue reading]

Consider Wearing and Using “Belly Armor”


I wish I had known about Belly Armor by RadiaShield while I was pregnant, especially since I was on electronic devices quite often, using my IPad and … [Continue reading]

You Are My Kryptonite


Edric threw his work bag into the back of the car, and plopped himself beside me. “You are my Kryptonite,” he said, throwing his arms over his head … [Continue reading]