Renovating the Homeschool Room


Who messes up on IKEA instructions?! I do! I did! With a day to redecorate our homeschool room before it was going to be documented for an interview … [Continue reading]

You Cannot Pray and Stay Upset With Your Spouse


I darted out the door for a 10 PM run a few evenings ago after Edric and I had a conflict. The cause of our dissension isn't worth mentioning because … [Continue reading]

Be An Honorable Parent


As a mom, one of the principles of parenting that has stood out to me the most is modeling – how my children copy my example whether I want them to or … [Continue reading]

Family Values


When I married Edric, I had no idea what kind of a father he would be to our future children. I hoped that he would be intentional, committed and … [Continue reading]

Don’t Give Up On Irreconcilable Differences


 After fourteen years of marriage, I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot change Edric to become like me (you’d think I would’ve figured this … [Continue reading]

People Are More Important Than Things


My second son, Edan, is very conscientious about his things. As an orderly and organized person, he tends to keep track of his belongings, and he … [Continue reading]

Invest In Your Marriage


It’s been sometime since Edric and I have been able to talk about our relationship and reminisce about its beginnings. We maintain our weekly … [Continue reading]

Money Camp for Kids

Money Camp

My older boys attended a money camp, hosted by the Registered Financial Planners of the Philippines, two years ago. It was a wonderful experience … [Continue reading]

Totally Safe Art Supplies for Young Kids 


     (Photo from Wee Too Art Supply) Do you ever wish that children can safely eat their art materials since little tots tend to do … [Continue reading]

Tree Lighting Project


I saw this idea on Pinterest and wanted to try it out myself. It's a very easy way to light up your tree beautifully. Elijah and Titus hammered a … [Continue reading]

Disciplining Children Revisited


  This is a follow-up article to the one I wrote on disciplining my 1-year old daughter, Catalina, which resulted in some eyebrow raising because I … [Continue reading]

Dapitan Rookie


I may be the last person who knows about the amazing finds at Dapitan, but in case you are clueless like me, here's a place worth visiting. There is a … [Continue reading]