I suppose it's normal that all kids are afraid of the dark at some point. My kids struggle with this. They don't like going upstairs alone. They … [Continue reading]

The Ugliest Thing


We are living in an almost finished house. It's not quite done which means we still have workers around from 8 to 5pm, Monday to Saturday, doing a … [Continue reading]

A Greater Purpose For Learning


I have often told my kids that language skills are important. Reading, writing, composition, and comprehension are all necessary and worth the hours … [Continue reading]

Project Playground: Mission Accomplished


My back was killing me last night after Edric, the kids, and I finished building a playground in our backyard. One of our shared "fantasies" as … [Continue reading]

Motivating Children To Learn


Wouldn’t it be great if we could have positively splendid learning days every single day…where our children have voracious appetites for reading, rise … [Continue reading]

When Things Turn Sour, BE SWEET

Early this morning I had a doctor's appointment for my scoliosis. Three of my kids were with me -- Elijah, Edan and Titus. (My two girls have been … [Continue reading]

Not In Front of the Kids


For the most part Edric and I avoid “SHAMING” one another in front of our children. We don’t make each other look bad so that our kids are forced to … [Continue reading]

Love Beyond Poetry And Passion


When I was married in my 20s, I knew only of young love -- the kind that inspired poetry and passion. But now that love has aged with me and for me in … [Continue reading]

Caught On Camera


This past week, homeschooling solutions asked me to take video answers to questions posited by other homeschoolers or would-be homeschoolers. Since my … [Continue reading]

The Isaac of Money


When my kids do anything noteworthy in their lives, I attribute it to the Lord. I know that I am a flawed mother and it is only by God's grace that my … [Continue reading]

I-Angel Hipseat Carrier


I received an awesome baby carrier as a gift a few weeks ago. It has an ingenious seat built into it that removes the pressure from a mom's back and … [Continue reading]

Complement, Don’t Complicate


"Complement, don't complicate me." That's what Edric said to me at 35,000 feet in the air, on the plane home from Brazil. I was nagging him about a … [Continue reading]