You Don’t Have to Know Everything…

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Being able to educate our own children in a day and age when resources abound is an advantage we must absolutely take advantage of! My personal … [Continue reading]

A History To Pass On


Over lunch I shared with the kids how blessed I was that a reader of my blog was introduced to Jesus Christ through my site. I went on to explain that … [Continue reading]

Fun Filipino Books For Young Children


My kids are loving these books by Ana de Borja Araneta and Krie Reyes Lopez, which were published by Anvil Publishing: … [Continue reading]

Say, “Thank You, Hon.”


I woke up to a husband who called me to his bedside just to tell me, "I appreciate you, hon. All you do as a wife and mother. If I don't tell you … [Continue reading]

Love and Joy


I need someone like Edric in my life, someone who is spontaneous, quirky, silly, and totally corny. Contrary to what my name implies, I can be serious … [Continue reading]

Cozy Cabin Honesty


It’s a miracle when twenty-three people can live in a cabin together for four days and not go crazy. Soon after Christmas day, my parents along with … [Continue reading]

Bike, Scooter, Rollerblades


During our vacation Titus learned to bike, use the scooter, and rollerblade. "Hey, mom! Look at me!" He would say as he whirred past on a bike, or … [Continue reading]

The Motivated Learner


Edan might have fractured his wrist yesterday. I am taking him to the doctor just to make sure. He was jumping off our backyard swing when he slipped … [Continue reading]

Four Weeks As a REAL Housewife


I get it now. Being a home maker is backbreaking work. I mean, a homemaker in North America. By the end of the day, my idea of a reward is a hot … [Continue reading]

Forty Years From Now


I watched them embrace one another, old friends…people my dad referred to as “antique” friends, which could have been interpreted as politically … [Continue reading]

Birthday Blessings


I turn 38 this week. Hoowee. That sounds old. It's hard to believe I am almost 40! Edric asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him I … [Continue reading]

Family Time in Disney and Universal


This was the first time our kids went to Disneyland and Universal Studios. They had a blast. I pushed the stroller around and waited during most of … [Continue reading]