Surrender And Wait


If there is a tech-lover and computer savant in our family, it is Elijah, our eldest. At eleven years old he understands programming and code, thanks … [Continue reading]

What Dog Are You Feeding?


I blew it in the car, on the way to a Christmas dinner with friends. Edric didn't remember a discussion and agreement we had and it irked me. So I … [Continue reading]

“American Dream” Vacation Week 1


The highlights... The kids have to take care of themselves, especially when it comes to eating. If they don't eat, they go hungry. Even little … [Continue reading]

Eating Issues?


Is it a challenge to inspire your kids to eat? Are you running out of ideas that are healthy and reasonably simple to prepare? I was sent a copy of … [Continue reading]

A Long Way to Get Away


We made it in 7 complete pieces. After 15 or so hours of traveling, Edric, our five children and I found ourselves standing outside the San Francisco … [Continue reading]

Respond With Grace


It's unusual for our driver not to pick up our calls. However, last night, after a dinner in Tao Yuan, Resorts World, he was unreachable. Edric and I … [Continue reading]

We Are Brothers


When I shop for my kids, I like to get them matching outfits. It's easier when you have to buy clothes for five kids. Plus, I think it's adorable when … [Continue reading]



At 2:30 AM yesterday morning, Catalina's labored, fast breathing, and wheezing troubled me. Concerned, I nudged Edric to verify my observations. He … [Continue reading]

I Love This Chick


Edric and I locked ourselves in the bedroom this morning to share a private conversation. He sat on one end of the bed and I sat on the other. The … [Continue reading]

Assume the Best About Your Spouse


I ran over my littlest toe with a grocery cart Sunday afternoon while I was in a mad rush to prepare for a party in our home. We were hosting the … [Continue reading]

The Braces Marriage Lesson

image1 (4)

It must have been about 10 years ago when I mentioned to Edric that I would like to get braces. At the time, our expenses were diverted to other … [Continue reading]

It’s Your Mess: Deal with It Darling


By the end of our homeschooling morning, our “classroom” usually looks like someone threw a grenade into it. I’ve tried to manage the mess by cleaning … [Continue reading]