How Can I Forgive?

Sun Feb 01 2015 01-31-08 GMT 0800

A few days ago I received an email with just one question on it. "How can I forgive?" It was a great question to be asked and I have written a lengthy … [Continue reading]

Saturday Crafty-ness


I finally pulled my Brother Sewing Machine out of its six-month old box. It was just sitting there, growing out-modeled. The saying, "It's hard … [Continue reading]

Set Them Up for Success

Are you a parent wondering what is the best kind of education for your child where he will learn and be successful someday? Are you a parent … [Continue reading]

Fathers and Children


A long while ago I wrote an article called "The Lost Boys," in reference to men who have grown up without the guidance of their fathers...No one to … [Continue reading]

Red Maple


Canadian food isn't common in the Philippines. So it was a treat to be invited to the opening of Red Maple Café Resaurant and Lounge.Here is a … [Continue reading]

Pyrotechnics Up Close


This was my second time to watch the World Pyro Olympics competition which is held in Manila Bay, facing the Mall of Asia. Last time we got to see it … [Continue reading]

Love Beyond Us


It is always a privilege when Edric and I are invited to speak at retreats, give seminars, counsel couples, and lead discipleship groups as a team. Of … [Continue reading]

How They Love One Another


I know my kids love one another but there are moments when this love is demonstrated in ways that amaze me. In the past week I can think of two … [Continue reading]

What’s the Game Plan?


Do you have a game plan for your child this summer? Would you like them to learn a sport or hone their existing athletic skills? Do you want them to … [Continue reading]

Three Times A Charm in Bataan


It was our third visit to Bataan but this one was especially fun for the family. First, we got to serve together. The older kids joined Edric on the … [Continue reading]

A Good Run With My Good “Pusher”


Edric got me to run in a 21K “fun” run yesterday. I know there may be readers out there who have done real marathons and triathlons who think 21K is … [Continue reading]

Dealing With Meltdowns


When my kids have their once-in-a-while "meltdowns" during our homeschooling, I am faced with two options. The first is to be annoyed, which is a very … [Continue reading]