In Your Anger Do Not Sin


It's rare that our household help will do things that aggravate me, but this past week they collectively made a decision that tempted me to fire them … [Continue reading]

First Day of Homeschooling


We kicked off January 2016 by cleaning and organizing the books in our homeschool room. The kids did most of the work. Today, we officially started. … [Continue reading]

Eagle Point Resort


We spent the last couple of days at Eagle Point Resort with Edric's family. The beach is always a hit with the Mendozas. Our kids can never get enough … [Continue reading]

Number Our Days


Edric spoke on numbering our days during the Sunday Service two days ago. It was an inspiring message that challenged the audience to consider how we … [Continue reading]

The Best Birthday Gift


I am married to a romantic guy who likes to surprise me for special occasions and holidays throughout the year. His gimmicks range from elaborate to … [Continue reading]

Last Minute Christmas Tags


For those of you who need Christmas tags for your last minute presents, I am posting printable ones for you to download.  I designed these with … [Continue reading]

What Does My Heart Look Like This Christmas?


Edan, my second son, is the kind of child whose expressions and actions have to be observed closely because he isn't a talker. When I ask him what … [Continue reading]

Peanuts and an Apology


   My husband, Edric, and I invite our children to correct us and tell us how to improve. We don't always recognize character areas where we … [Continue reading]

Stinky Clothes No More


  My husband, Edric, has very sensitive olfactories. He can smell cockroaches and a host of things that normal people can't. On the one … [Continue reading]

Forever Spring


  We buried my angkong today. It was a tearful goodbye but the joy of knowing he entered into eternity with the Lord superseded the sorrow of his … [Continue reading]

Despedida de Soltera


The despedida de soltera is a beautiful tradition. It seems to have evolved into our version of a rehearsal dinner, although I personally feel that it … [Continue reading]

Bloggys Award For Family and Relationships


What an unexpected but wonderfully pleasant surprise to receive the Bloggys 2015 Award for the blogging category of Family and Relationships. … [Continue reading]