God Can Make the Most Out of Scrambled Eggs


I still have vivid memories of the evening I met Monique over ten years ago. She waltzed into our bible study, on the invitation of her twin sister, … [Continue reading]

Make Time to Teach Character


    It's a challenge to hold Titus' attention. I suppose this comes with being a more physical child whose hands are … [Continue reading]

Can You Flex?

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After the kids have their basketball trainings, they are wiped out and mad hungry. It’s been a little more expensive to feed our sons these past few … [Continue reading]

More Painful Than A Spanking


Since Elijah and Edan are way past the age when spanking is applicable or effective, namely between the ages of 1 and 6 years old, they are … [Continue reading]

As For Me and My House… 


There is no guarantee that being involved in ministry as a family will ensure that our kids turn out okay in the spiritual and moral sense, but Edric … [Continue reading]

Backyard Summer Fun


Sometimes all you need is an inflatable pool and lots of kids, and you have a party! Someday I will miss these precious years of childhood and … [Continue reading]

Checkered Rainbow Cake


Whoa! This rainbow cake making business is hard stuff! No wonder people charge a lot for it! The kids' culinary arts instructor, Andi Benitez, … [Continue reading]



Paper is an important part of my life. And I love a good paper find. Today I received a bag of paper goodies from my friend, Jen, who just … [Continue reading]

Sometimes All I Need Is…


It must have been three days ago when I found out that Edric is not following me on Instagram. This was a ridiculous thing to be hurt about but I had … [Continue reading]

A Trait All Gentlemen Should Have

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Having three sons offers Edric and I many opportunities to learn about what boys are like and how they develop into men. One thing is certain, they … [Continue reading]

When Times Are Tough


Last week, I shared this story when Edric preached in Cebu. His message was, "When Times Get Tough, Grab Onto God." The passage he focused on was … [Continue reading]

Disciplining A Little Fireball With Love


  My fifth child, Catalina, was my first child to display her relentlessness and fighting spirit so early on in her life. At times I … [Continue reading]